As the tale takes a new turn, Jelani Day’s mother debunks the hypothesis of missing organs.


As the tale takes a new turn, Jelani Day’s mother debunks the hypothesis of missing organs.

‘This isn’t an organ harvesting situation. My son, on the other hand, did not throw himself into a river,’ claimed Jelani Day’s mother, Carmen Bolden-Day. PEORIA, ILLINOIS (AP) — In an unexpected turn in the case of Jelani Day’s violent murder, the dead student’s mother has now challenged the claim that essential organs were taken from his body. Jelani Day’s body was discovered in a horrible state, with his eyeballs, brain, liver, and spleen missing, and his genitalia practically unidentifiable, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Day’s family attorney Hallie Bezner said his organs were “totally liquified,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times story. Day’s mother, Carmen Bolden-Day, has now certified that none of her son’s organs were missing. “No organs were missing,” she said, dismissing prior reports. I’m not going to deviate from the facts. Although there were discrepancies between the first preliminary autopsy and the second independent autopsy, this is not an instance of organ harvesting. My son, on the other hand, did not jump into a river. My son was murdered, and my mission is to figure out what happened and bring those responsible to justice.” News from the Brinkwire Cara Boester, who is she? The night before he went missing, Jelani Day texted his professor. Day of Justice for Jelani: It took 19 days to identify his body, but Gabby Petito just had to wait two days. Jelani Day’s mother had voiced dissatisfaction with the scant publicity of her son’s case before his body was recovered on September 4, 2021. “I was quite unhappy with the fact that Jelani hadn’t been getting the coverage,” Carmen Day remarked. Jelani has been absent for more than a week. It appears that assistance is no longer available. I’m begging, pleading, and requesting that the police continue to seek for my kid.” “Her face is splashed everywhere, and the FBI is involved,” she said of Gabby Petito’s case. And I’m not sure why Jelani doesn’t get the same amount of coverage; Jelani doesn’t get the same amount of attention.” The Illinois State University student went missing on August 25, but it wasn’t until recently that the case of Gabby Petito drew widespread notice. The body of the 25-year-old student was discovered floating in the Illinois River, but it took 19 days to identify him, causing outrage on social media about the disparity between a White and a Black person’s case.

Social media erupted with wild cries for ‘Justice For Jelani’ as soon as the Chicago Sun-Times news regarding missing organs surfaced. Carmen Bolden-Day has disregarded the gruesome speculations and stated that Jelani Day’s death was accidental. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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