As the future king makes a “strange” visit, Prince Charles’ body language creates a “dilemma.”


As the future king makes a “strange” visit, Prince Charles’ body language creates a “dilemma.”

When Prince Charles visited the new offices of a famous bank on Wednesday, he was confronted with a “body language conundrum.” The future king, according to an analyst, struggled with how to comport himself during the “strange” visit.

On Wednesday, Prince Charles, 72, paid a visit to Goldman Sachs’ new European headquarters in London. The future king is a supporter of environmental causes, and he was present to applaud the new structure’s carbon-cutting measures.

On Twitter, Clarence House published photographs and video from the Prince’s latest outing.

“The Prince of Wales today visited @GoldmanSachs,” said the first tweet.

“The corporation, which was founded in 1869, provides a comprehensive variety of financial services to a large and diverse client base, including investment banking, securities, investment management, and consumer banking.”

“The sustainability measures included into @GoldmanSachs’ new HQ result in a 25% decrease in annual CO2 emissions,” said another.

“His Royal Highness hears about the firm’s outstanding position in sustainable finance,” the post continued.

“Up on @GoldmanSachs’ magnificent Roof Garden, His Royal Highness reveals a plaque to commemorate the visit,” read a third tweet, which was accompanied by a video of Charles unveiling a plaque on the bank’s roof.

Richard Palmer, a royal writer for the Daily Express, was on hand for the visit and tweeted a video of Charles on the tour.

“Prince Charles is visiting Goldman Sachs’ £1.2 billion European headquarters in London,” the tweet added.

According to a body language specialist, the prince appeared embarrassed throughout the odd engagement.

Judi James, a body language expert and author, analyzed images and video from the trip and offered her findings.

“Visiting Goldman Sachs today did appear to give the Prince with a bit of a body language dilemma,” the expert told This website.

“It wasn’t his regular type of visit, and the interns lined up in front of him didn’t make it look like a typical day at the office, either.”

In the end, the future king settled for formal body language and treated the bank employees as if they were “troops on parade.”

“In the end, Charles appears to have settled for the kind of rituals he might use when inspecting troops on parade, walking down the line of workers with one hand partially stuffed in his jacket pocket in a rather awkward-looking truncated ritual after chatting with a small group that clapped him on arrival,” Judi added.

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