As ‘The Firm’ opens new positions, the realities of working for the Royal Family are explained.


Anyone who fancies a job at one of the Crown’s royal residences will have to put up with a long application process — but could end up with some memorable experiences, say some former staff

A first shift at one of the Queen’s beautiful royal residences has been described by some as a ‘pinch yourself’ moment.

But a job at one of the likes of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle is not easy to secure, and so very few people are able to tell you what a working day there is really like.

To help out, MyLondon have shared some important details and stories about working life under Her Majesty, as the estates recently announced a host of new vacancies.

According to the Royal Family website, there is a lengthy application process that comes before each job, as well as some vigorous security checks.

The website says: “In order to apply for a vacancy, you will either be a British citizen or you will have already obtained the legal right to work in the UK.”

It continues: “Everyone who works for the Royal Household is security cleared. If successful, you will therefore go through our security vetting process.”

In an interview with Town & Country Magazine , former royal staff explained just what working for the Crown involves.

Grant Harrold, a former butler to the Prince of Wales said: “I remember being nervous when I met the Prince of Wales, and he somehow managed to take the nerves away as we had afternoon tea and simply spoke to each other. I must have done something right that day as I was in a position very soon after.”

Another staff member is ex-Royal Protection Officer Simon Morgan. As a former MET Police Officer, Morgan explained: “You have to be an experienced police officer first. If you’re going into royal protection, you’re looking at no less than 10 to 15 years service, pending on the previous roles you have come from.”

He continued: “[The royals] are used to protection, it’s called cradle to grave, that’s what they get, and they very much know how protection officers should work, behave, and look… They understand all these things before you even get there.”

Australia’s 9News TV hosts yesterday discussed some of the family’s new job vacancies on Tuesday’s morning show — and said the roles would only be fit for true royal fans.

The current vacancies include. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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