As the evacuation of Afghans comes to an end, James Cleverly vows to continue ‘to bring people out.’


As the evacuation of Afghans comes to an end, James Cleverly vows to continue ‘to bring people out.’

As the evacuation of Afghans draws to a close, JAMES CLEVERLY stated that the administration will “continue to get people out.”

Even though evacuations are winding down, Foreign Office Minister James Cleverly has promised to “get people out” of Afghanistan. He was questioned on the number of Afghan refugees who had failed to leave the country. His claims, however, have sparked outrage on social media.

“Nearly the last three weeks, we have managed to evacuate over 15,000 people,” James Cleverly told BBC Newsnight.

“We managed to get that many thousands of people out in the months running up to that when we were recommending people to flee Afghanistan.

“And, even though Kabul airport is no longer open to us, we will continue to get people out of Afghanistan.”

“If I can get back to you on the figures,” host Kirsty Wark said. According to Labour, the number is close to 5000.

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“Are they correct?” says the narrator.

“Well, I just stated that we can’t really pin it down because what we’ve indicated in that third category is that we’re wanting to be charitable, and we’re looking at individuals and groups that we know are at risk,” James Cleverly answered.

“Whether it’s the Afghan homosexual community, religious minorities, or individuals who have run for political office or have been critical of the Taliban, they’ve all been targeted.

“It is impossible to put an exact finger on it,” he continued, “but like I said, we will continue to evacuate people.”

“We’re working with international partners to figure out how to make it happen.

“However, we will continue to assist Afghans who need to flee the country.”

However, spectators do not appear to believe his statements.

“A rambling show of incompetence addressing nothing,” one user wrote.

“The amount of misery a person must experience as a result of an unanswered email must be enormous, and there must be hundreds!

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