As the energy crisis approaches, here’s an easy way to save money on your heating expenses.


THE UK is in the midst of an energy crisis as prices are due to soar thanks to a lack of resources worldwide. But This website has one easy hack that could save you cash on your energy bills this winter.

Gas shortages are currently being felt across the UK as multiple suppliers go under due to skyrocketing whole gas prices – and the crisis won’t be over in time for the winter months. The Government is coming under fresh pressure to provide financial backing to the sector, among others, as the worldwide shortage begins to pinch.

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The Business Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, held talks with industry leaders last week, and ministers and officials will continue negotiating with businesses all week.

Some suppliers have stopped selling cheaper, fixed-rate energy deals and are taking other measures to dissuade would-be customers from switching their services from companies that have gone bust.

About 40 to 45 percent of electricity in the UK is generated by natural gas, the vast majority of which is imported from Norway.

Energy regulator OFGEM say the average annual energy bill is set to hit £1,277.

Amid the turmoil, bill payers are scrambling to find ways to keep their home energy efficient to stave off high energy bills this season – and there are a number of hacks doing the rounds that could help keep costs down.

But one particular process you can easily do in a matter of hours is bleeding your radiators

Central heating experts Stelrad have offered exclusive advice to This website readers ahead of the winter season.

They explained to This website: “If the radiators in your home aren’t heating properly and have cold spots at the top and warm at the bottom, they could need bleeding.

“Bleeding your radiators is an easy way to get rid of the air pockets that stop hot water from circulating around your central heating system efficiently. This puts more strain on your boiler and ultimately costs you more money.

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