As the eighth Strictly Come Dancing star, Dan Walker leaves Louise Minchin irritated.


As the eighth Strictly Come Dancing star, Dan Walker leaves Louise Minchin irritated.

During BBC Breakfast with Louise Minchin and Jon Kay on Tuesday, Dan Walker and soap star Katie McGlynn were announced as the eighth and final Strictly Come Dancing contestants.

Dan Walker, the BBC Breakfast presenter, is the eighth renowned figure on the Strictly Come Dancing line-up for 2021. In what promises to be one of the most entertaining seasons to date, the former Football Focus star joins Tom Fletcher, Robert Webb, Aj Odudu, John Whaite, Rhys Stephenson, Sara Davies, and Katie McGlynn. While Dan’s announcement surprised fans, no one was more surprised than his BBC co-host Louise Minchin.

Jon Kay teased that he had another surprise in store for Katie after she was confirmed as the seventh celebrity taking part in strictly on Tuesday morning.

Unbeknownst to Louise, her long-serving co-host Dan, who is currently on vacation, was the eighth celebrity to sign up on-screen.

“What is he doing?” exclaims the audience. When Dan was confirmed, Louise was taken aback. Mr Walker, I don’t believe you!

Louise added, surprised, “Congratulations,” to which Dan sarcastically answered, “I don’t think congratulations is the correct word.”

“What I’m actually unhappy about is no one has told me anything, Dan!” Louise exclaimed, barely holding back her rage.

Dan’s appearance had been kept a complete secret from Louise, with only Jon in the BBC studio being aware of his colleague’s appearance.

“Sorry about that, Louise,” Dan apologized. I’ve been preoccupied with the Olympics, and you know how difficult it is to keep everything under wraps with this show.

“I didn’t tell my kids until last weekend, so they’re not thrilled with me either.”

“However, there hasn’t been much of a turnout in the circle,” he added. “I’m sorry, Louise; I was advised it would make fantastic television if we didn’t tell you.”

Louise, still irritated at being kept in the dark but glad for her co-host, chimed in: “It doesn’t make good television that I’m astonished, annoyed…”

“Betrayed,” Jon said, as Dan laughed, before Louise admitted she was “really excited” to work with her co-star.

“Well Louise, you’re quitting the program,” Dan replied to his co-host, spotting an opportunity for a joke of his own.

What’s up with Dan Walker? Dan Waltzer is a better analogy. “Brinkwire Summary News,” we say.


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