As the Duchess of Cambridge takes on more royal responsibilities, William beams with ‘utter pride’ for her.


As the Duchess of Cambridge takes on new royal responsibilities, William beams with ‘utter pride’ for her.

This week’s Royal Variety Performance featured Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William as royal guests of honor.

According to a body language expert, William’s expression during the event was one of “utter pride,” as Kate dazzled.

On Thursday, Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge attended the Royal Variety Performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

At the event, the couple exuded regal elegance and were the picture of marital bliss.

William appeared to be full of “utter pride” for his wife as she walked the red carpet at the star-studded event, according to a body language expert.

“William was truly in ‘Prince Charming’ mode last night, quietly pointing out the red carpet to Kate as she walked up behind him to avoid any risks of tripping in her stunning green gown and constantly looking back throwing her admiring glances before waiting for her to catch up so they could walk in together,” body language expert Judi James told This website.

“The two worked independently, but these moments of worry, as well as their signature trait of subconscious mirroring (waving in the same direction at the same time without being side by side), suggested she was very much on his mind.

“William’s eye-checks of his wife suggested utter pride, while his positive anticipation signals suggested he, too, was looking forward to the show.”

Ms James also claims that William showed no signs of “competitiveness” while Kate was being courted in the evening.

“William also showed another trait of Kate’s lack of competitiveness when it was her moment in the spotlight,” Ms James continued.

“As she moved forward to accept her bouquet, he smiled proudly and stood back, his hands and his program held in front of his body in a barrier gesture to signal that this was her moment.”

The absence of the Queen, who has been taking time off for her health, has thrown the Royal Family into disarray in recent weeks.

Other members of the Royal Family, including Kate, appear to have risen to prominence during this period.

Kate has recently been a strong supporter of the Royal Family, representing the royal contingent at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow earlier this month.

She has also assisted the monarchy.

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