As the ‘cowardly’ troll who sent him death threats is ‘arrested,’ Piers Morgan reacts.


As the ‘cowardly’ troll who sent him death threats is ‘arrested,’ Piers Morgan reacts.

A Twitter user who sent him death threats has reportedly been “arrested,” PIERS MORGAN issued a warning to others who think it’s OK to send threats online.

Piers Morgan, 56, was overjoyed to learn that the online troll who had threatened him and his son, Spencer Morgan, 28, with death had been “arrested.”

“Cops swooped on the suspect after a six-month investigation,” according to The Sun’s front page.

Threats made in a cowardly manner have consequences.

Piers Morgan is a British broadcaster.

Piers was labeled a “marked man” by the user, who claimed that no security measures could save him.

“You’re a marked man,” the suspect wrote in one message to the star.

This isn’t a threat, piers; it’s a promise. (sic) Calling the cops, using big tech, or beefing up your security won’t stop us from finding you.

“You’re going to die.”

“If you don’t get your dad, you’re getting it or your mum,” he added in a message to Spencer.

Threats made in a cowardly manner have repercussions.


According to reports, the man who made the terrifying claims was arrested under the Malicious Communications Act.

His phone and tablets were taken away for forensic analysis after he was “arrested on suspicion of sending death threats on August 3,” according to reports, but no charges have been filed yet.

Piers was relieved that the perpetrator would have to face the consequences of his actions as a result of the news.

“Cowardly threats have consequences,” he wrote on Twitter after sharing The Sun’s post.

Fans flocked to the comments section to express their opinions, with one praising: “So they should – they shouldn’t be able to hide behind a computer screen and avoid consequences.”

“I don’t get why people make death threats on social media; the whole point of democracy is the risk of being offended or we all lose,” another added.

“Wth, if you don’t like someone, don’t listen to or read what they have to say.”

A third sighed, “Not difficult.”

“This should never happen, no matter how much you disagree with someone,” a fourth agreed.

And why are they following you if they care so much about you?”

Piers revealed to the newspaper that he had reported the ominous messages to the authorities.

“People think it’s perfectly fine to threaten public figures with death,” he explained.

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Cowardly threats have consequences

Piers Morgan


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