As the auctioneer reveals the worth of Prince Charles’ toast, Steph McGovern is taken aback.


As the auctioneer reveals the worth of Prince Charles’ toast, Steph McGovern is taken aback.

During a chat on her Channel 4 talk program, STEPH MCGOVERN was taken aback when an auctioneer disclosed the value of a piece of dry toast left by a member of the Royal Family.

Charles Hanson, an auctioneer, joined Steph McGovern and Denise Van Outen on the couch of Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch this week. Charles is most known for his work on the television shows Bargain Hunt, Flog It!, and Antiques Road Trip. “It’s not all about the jewelry or Faberge, dear,” the TV personality said, revealing what unexpected royal donations have sold for hundreds of dollars at auction. Steph McGovern was taken aback when the auctioneer announced the price paid for a piece of toast once delivered to Prince Charles to the show’s live audience.

The Flog It! celebrity spoke on the show about some of the most unusual royal objects he’s seen go under the hammer.

“I once sold a piece of toast,” he explained.

It brought in £540.”

“A piece of toast?” exclaimed host Steph, perplexed by the price.

“It was undoubtedly Prince Charles’ wedding day meal,” the expert said.

Guests on the Antiques Roadshow were taken aback by the astounding valuation of daggers.

On the side of the £540 slice of bread sold at auction, the auctioneer gave into greater information about what the Prince of Wales had eaten.

“He had boiled eggs on toast,” he explained. He only left one slice of bread behind.

“It was picked up by the maid, brought to me around seven years ago, and I sold it,” she says “the auctioneer proceeded.

Despite the exorbitant price, Steph was curious as to what documentation the auctioneer had to establish the item’s legitimacy.

“How did you know it was his piece of toast?” the former BBC Breakfast host inquired.

“It was pretty dry,” Charles said, “so I knew it was old.”

“The place where we picked up the toast had a true lineage to it, so we were delighted with that,” says the narrator “He went on to say more.

Steph, fascinated by the worth, said: “Oh my goodness. So, for one piece of toast, that one got 540 quid?” “That is tremendous,” she swiftly followed up. The auctioneer then went on to talk about how much a pair of Queen Victoria’s underpants sold for, which were even more expensive than Prince Charles’ breakfast leftovers.

“It’s not all about Faberge jewelry, dear, or expensive things,” Charles continued. It could be artifacts from the past.” The “Brinkwire Summary News” is depicted in this photograph.


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