As Studio Choom’s ‘Artist of the Month,’ Hyunjin of Stray Kids channels’mafia’ appeal.


As Studio Choom’s ‘Artist of the Month,’ Hyunjin of Stray Kids channels’mafia’ appeal.

Hyunjin, the lead dancer of Stray Kids, will be named ‘Artist of the Month’ for October in a mafia-themed performance as part of Studio Choom’s ‘Artist of the Month’ series.

With his recent activities, Hyunjin from Stray Kids has gotten a lot of attention. No one is prepared for what Hyunjin has in store for them in the future, according to fans on Twitter. After returning from his break, Hyunjin was seen in a dance cover of Sam Tinnesz’s ‘Play With Fire,’ which was broadcast to the official Stray Kids YouTube page (feat. Yacht Money).

Since then, fans have seen Hyunjin show a more manly side of his personality, expressing a stronger masculine feel. Fans were able to witness him play with his complete group shortly after the publication of that video for their full-length album, ‘Noeasy,’ as well as their newest Japanese single, ‘Scars,’ which was released on October 6. The song has also reached the top of the iTunes music charts in 32 countries, including Brazil and Singapore.

‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’: Stray Kids’Brinkwire News’Hometown Cha Cha Cha’: Stray Kids’ Seungmin is planning to release an OST song for a K-drama on his own. ‘Stray Children’ In set shots, Hyunjin wears an all-black suit, and fans think he’s a K-pop’standard.’ ‘Artist of the Month’ is Hyunjin. Mnet Digital Studio, M2, announced on October 12 via a promotional teaser film that Hyunjin, the primary dancer of Stray Kids, will succeed The Boyz’s Juyeon as the ‘Artist of the Month’ for October. Artists such as Yeonjun from TXT, Wooyoung from Ateez, Juyeon, and Hyunjin from Stray Kids have all performed in the last several months.

With his lengthy locks, Hyunjin has been creating scorching and heavy pictures. However, he opened the promotional teaser by revealing that he had shaved his head. Fans who adored his long hair were disappointed. However, Hyunjin’s promotional video drew the attention of his admirers owing to the addition of behind-the-scenes footage in which Hyunjin discussed how he did his hardest to show the world his toughness and powerful appeal.

Dates of performance and release

Hyunjin of Stray Kids will sing ‘Motley Crew’ by Post Malone as part of his ‘Artist of the Month’ performance for Studio Choom’s October line-up. The topic of this performance video is ‘Mafia,’ and Hyunjin wears a grey three-piece suit with visible neck and hand tattoos, making him look menacing and powerful.

Fans were fascinated by Hyunjin’s black eye makeup, which made his eyes jump as he peered down the camera in the preview. The performance video will be released on October 16, while the documentary video with Hyunjin’s interview will be released on October 16. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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