‘As soon as it appears, it vanishes!’ Fans of Mrs. Hinch have shared a ‘amazing’ window mold removal technique.


‘As soon as it appears, it vanishes!’ Fans of Mrs. Hinch have shared a ‘amazing’ window mold removal technique.

Window mould may be removed with a “awesome” trick shared by cleaning aficionados. Fans of Mrs Hinch believe that the product makes the mold “disappear instantly.”

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, became famous after sharing her housekeeping hacks and suggestions on social media and television. Mrs. Hinch has amassed an astonishing 4.1 million Instagram followers as a result of her cleaning tips. Her devotees have already formed their own social media groups dedicated to cleaning and organizing advice.

A member in one of the groups inquired about how to get mold out of the corner of their windows.

“Mould in the corner of the windows – any advice for removing?” they asked.

Over 160 comments were left on the page by fellow cleaning enthusiasts.

The majority of the responses recommended that the homeowner use “HG Mould Spray.”

“Place HG Mould Spray on a cotton wool pad, place it on the mold, and leave it there for roughly an hour,” one individual suggested.

“That way it doesn’t drip all over the place.”

“HG Mould Spray is fantastic stuff,” said another user.

“HG Mould Spray,” said a third. Soak kitchen roll or cotton wool in water and stick it to the surface for as long as you can.”

“HG Mould Spray, does not re-appear!” wrote a fourth.

“HG Mould Spray is amazing,” another cleaning fanatic commented. “Just check where it can be used.”

“I agree, HG Mould Spray is excellent, it nearly instantly disappears!” commented another.

B&Q sells HG Mould Spray for £4.97 while Wickes sells it for £5.

Other techniques suggested by users included vinegar, Cillit Bang, and sugar soap.

“If you want something natural, use eight parts white vinegar and one part water,” one individual offered.

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“Spray the area and set aside for 20 minutes. The mold is killed by the vinegar. Then tidy everything up.”

“Vinegar or bleach on tissue or cotton wool balls,” another user agreed.

“For optimal results, leave overnight.

“If using bleach/mould spray, ventilate and shield your face.”

“Smother with Cillit Bang and leave for a good while before cleaning,” said a third.

“It got rid of the mold in the shower.”

“Sugar soap is particularly wonderful at eliminating the surface mold, and then use a mould remover,” said a fourth.

“Place a moisture trap on the window sill to keep it from getting worse.”


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