As shortages threaten Christmas shopping lists, Brits are being advised to ‘settle’ on brand products.


BRITONS have been warned they might need to “compromise” on the products they buy in the run-up to Christmas as shortages could threaten their shopping lists.

Retail champion Clare Bailey has warned that Brits “might need to compromise” this Christmas, saying their preferred products might suffer delays and alternatives might need to be made available. Ms Bailery reassured British consumers saying “there will still be baked beans, but they might not be the right brand”. The warning came amid fears of a supply chain crisis in the run-up to the holiday season.

LBC presenter Nick Ferrari said: “An overall view of retail Clare Bailey is founder of the retail champion

“Again, I have to put you-we’re being told by the Chancellor and the Prime Minister, we will be all right, we will have all the stores for Christmas.

“What’s your verdict? You’re an expert.”

Ms Baileyreplied: “Good morning. I agree with you on the tonic water as well it’s one of the most random things.

“I think we will see shortages of products, but there will be full shelves because the retailers will do things like face-over, as they call it the gaps, as in fill out the gap that they have with another product.

“There is a choice to suit our needs.

“Will there be baked beans, yes, but there might not be the right brand. Okay, it’s still beans.

“It’s that kind of thing because the shortages are not specific to any one particular product area.”

She went on: “It’s coming from the fact that product couldn’t be harvested.

“Then we’ve had reduced manufacturing capacity due to social distancing.

“So, output was reduced, and even things like bottling plants, labelling plants, all of these areas have been affected in some way by either failures to supply or failures to be able to deliver on time due to lorry drivers.

“So the whole network is called the supply chain for a reason – there’s a whole chain of events that leads to a product getting from source to shelves.”

She added: “But it’s the retailer’s duty to fill the shelves with something, so the customers are satisfied.

Nick Ferrari said: “The government is taking a lot of criticism over this.

“How fair is that in your view?

Ms Bailey said: “Well I think that it was perhaps naive to underestimate the number of people. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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