As she prepares for her Alaska cruise, Jane McDonald shares some “strange” baggage items.


As she prepares for her Alaska cruise, Jane McDonald shares some “strange” baggage items.

JANE MCDONALD made her debut appearance on television tonight in the premiere of Cruising with Jane McDonald USA: Great Lakes. Jane endured the frigid conditions as she embarked on an Alaska cruise on the episode.

Jane McDonald made her debut appearance on Channel 5 tonight for the premiere of her show Jane McDonald USA: Great Lakes. During the winter months, when temperatures can drop below -10 degrees, the cruise aficionado embarked on an Alaskan cruise. Jane showed viewers what she had packed for the vacation when she arrived in her room.

Jane went on a little-known cruise to Alaska, where she discovered some of the state’s hidden gems.

Jane had to come prepared for her trip, unlike other cruises, which are popular during the summer.

As the waves slammed against the ship, guests were seen wrapped in anoraks and warm gear at the desk.

On the broadcast, Jane shared her packing list with the audience.

“I looked at the ships website and the weather for this time of year,” she explained.

“It can drop as low as -10 degrees.

“Let’s just say I’ve brought items I’ve never packed before on a cruise.

“First and foremost, a balaclava…

It can be worn as a hat.

“Then there’s underwear for harsh conditions…

“I’ve got the pants to go with it.”

Jane had all of her belongings neatly tucked away in her compact holdall.

Jane had also brought an emergency blanket with her for her chilly excursion.

“Emergency blanket,” she explained.

This is pretty good, in my opinion.

“It’s beneficial for a few of reasons. For starters, if you get lost, they’ll be able to see you.

“Secondly, you will not succumb to hypothermia.”

With glaciers on the list of things to do on an Alaskan cruise, it’s a good idea to have an emergency blanket.

Furthermore, they may fold up quite little and take up very little space.

Some viewers were perplexed by Jane’s dress choice when they shared their comments on social media.

“I’ve never heard of extreme conditions underwear, can someone explain what it is?” one individual asked.

“Watching Jane McDonald traveling Alaska, she’s got her packing skills down,” wrote another.

“Oh Jane McDonald is legendary,” a third added. “Her cruise tonight looked incredible.”

“Those are definitely weird items to take,” a fourth said, “I wouldn’t have thought of any of them.”

Jane previously offered her packing tips on a Cruising with Jane episode. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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