As she exits the profession, Miss Earth USA debunks ‘b*tchy’ pageant stereotypes.


EXCLUSIVE: Marisa Butler, the current Miss Earth USA, has lifted the lid on the world of pageants as she bows out of the industry after ten years. From b*tchy perceptions to her real-life job

Current Miss Earth USA Marisa Butler has lifted the lid on the world of pageants as she bows out of the industry after 10 years.

The 27-year-old will soon be giving up her title of Miss Earth USA – an organisation committed to bringing awareness to environmental issues.

She also competed in Miss USA 2016, as well as Miss World 2018, where she won the title of Miss World Sportswomen, so it’s safe to say she definitely has a lot of experience.

But what is it really like being a pageant queen and competing in them?

Here Brinkwire reveals all…

Talking about why she entered Miss Earth USA, Marisa said the pageant really stands out due to its environmental focus.

She exclusively told Brinkwire: “I myself have always been very environmentally focused – I used to rehabilitate sick animals with my mother, and I’m a leader of a non-profit clean up in San Diego.

“I was excited that the pageant had the same moral values that I did.”

Discussing her excitement at winning, she added: “It was amazing, I’ve been in pageants for 10 years, so this was a defining moment for me.

“It was really humbling to see the calibre of woman I was up against and the amazing work they are doing for their communities.”

Marisa also works as a financial adviser and even on environmental issues.

So she says it does annoy her if people assume pageant girls aren’t intelligent.

“If people still think that girls in pageants aren’t intelligent then they haven’t been paying attention,” she said.

However, she does admit she used to think the same.

“Before entering pageant world, I shared some of the beliefs due to things like pop culture and TV shows.

“They don’t paint the pageant world in a great light.

“When you enter into that world, you realise how far from the truth that actually is.

“These women are so intelligent. Some are doctors and lawyers, I’m a financial adviser, and the current Miss Universe is an engineer.”

Asked what her work thing about her being a pageant queen, she says her company is very supportive.

“Work is very supportive, but I’m not sure that’s the case for all financial adviser firms, she said.

“It’s a very male-dominated industry.”

Marisa said her work are. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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