As she ends off filming on Loose Women, Stacey Solomon talks about being a “first” in a huge news.


As she ends off filming on Loose Women, Stacey Solomon talks about being a “first” in a huge news.

After returning to the Loose Women panel, STACEY SOLOMON delivered some exciting news.

Stacey Solomon, 31, celebrated a huge milestone today on Instagram by revealing she appreciated a show she initially saw on Loose Women. After the ITV star revealed she had concluded production on the afternoon show, the pregnant star acknowledged she was “nervous.”

Stacey said that she would no longer be on the panel and would instead be hosting a special episode of Loose Women.

In front of her 4.6 million followers, the mother-of-three announced the huge news.

The ITV panelist disclosed her latest duty after hosting the panel show on Instagram stories.

“I’ve finished filming for Loose Women and I’m finally home,” Stacey wrote.

“I was nervous because it was my first time anchoring, but I ended up liking it.” She went on to say, “Now that I’m home and Joe is out with the boys, I’m going to sit out in the garden and answer as many of your questions as I can before they get back.”

“I saved a lot of the most frequently requested questions throughout the day so…” The pregnant actress is known for disclosing intimate details about her personal and professional lives on the photo-sharing site.

Since then, the TV personality has taken to the photo-sharing site to reveal details about her forthcoming pregnancy.

“Will you be breastfeeding your next pickle?” a fan inquired.

” is a nickname given to Stacey’s children with affection.

“I truly want to,” she explained. People tell me not to pump myself up and put too much pressure on myself, but I truly want to do it.

“I was having such a bad time with Rex. Naga Munchetty reveals ‘nudist’ tendencies that stunned co-stars[LATEST] Star Trek legend Marina Sirtis punched fan at sci-fi convention[EXCLUSIVE] Kirstie Allsopp issues warning to Piers Morgan over Tom Daley post[TWITTER] “I found out that he had a prosterier tongue tie.” (sic) This is a condition that some babies are born with that restricts the movement of their tongue.

“So I’m just going to get everything checked out right immediately and attempt to find services and assistance to breastfeed successfully this time,” Stacey concluded.

“I really want to do it so badly,” she added. Stacey initially appeared on the panel on the ITV talk programme Loose. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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