As she cryptically declares, ‘I’m not feeling it,’ Fern Britton is overwhelmed with encouragement.


As she cryptically declares, ‘I’m not feeling it,’ Fern Britton is overwhelmed with encouragement.

Following a cryptic message on social media, FERN BRITTON has received an outpouring of solidarity.

In front of her 90,000 Twitter followers, Fern Britton posted a very frank remark. The former This Morning host stated she isn’t “feeling it” today before receiving an outpouring of support.

Following her tweet, the 64-year-old, who announced her divorce from husband Phil Vickery last year, didn’t go into too much detail.

The mother of four had previously spoken up about her troubles prior to her split from the on-screen TV chef, revealing that both of her parents had passed away.

The presenter is active on social media and communicates with her fans on a daily basis.

Fern wrote on the microblogging site, “There are some days when I’m not just feeling it.”

Her devoted fans went to the comment area to provide advice to the TV celebrity.

“Do me a major favor and tell me whether it worked…,” one wrote.

“Go outside, take a deep breath, and shout your favorite phrase to the top of your lungs. Then come back to Twitter and tell me whether you feel better. PLEASE.” (sic)

“I’m going outside now… standby,” Fern said, heeding their advise.

“Ok,” she subsequently tweeted. I stepped outside and inhaled deeply. I shut my eyes. Loudly LOVE was whispered (so as not to disturb neighbors and/or cats). This was done three times. Thank you very much.”

“You’re not alone Fern, I’ve been feeling like this for some time now,” another social media user said. Most people have had a difficult year, but I feel like mine has come to an end.”

“Rest and softly recover,” Fern advised.

“It’s ok not to be ok occasionally, go sit in Cornish air and simply breathe…almost as lovely as Devon air,” wrote a third.

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“Sorry to hear that Fern, I suppose most of us feel like that at times,” a fourth added.

“My recommendation is to do something you enjoy or watch comedies you enjoy. When I’m down, it always cheers me up. Fern, you’re a great lady.” (sic)

Following her mysterious post, the broadcaster gave no further details.

Fern revealed up about the sad moment her marriage to Phil Vickery broke six months after confirming their breakup.

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