As scammers seek to extort money from fans, Alfie Boe delivers a caution to supporters, saying, “Please be careful.”


As scammers seek to extort money from fans, Alfie Boe delivers a caution to supporters, saying, “Please be careful.”

ALFIE BOE was quick to alert his fans to any phony accounts posing as him and requesting money transfers.

After several of his social media followers reported receiving messages from bogus accounts posing as Alfie Boe, the singer issued an urgent caution. With scammers seeking to defraud their victims, Aflie wanted to make it apparent that the accounts claiming to be his were not his.

I implore you all to please be cautious when engaging with people on the internet Alfie Boe took to Twitter to share an image of a statement he had written to warn his fans to be cautious.

“Please be wary of phony accounts and scams!” he wrote in the caption.

“Caution – phony social media accounts,” the statement added.

“Please can all my followers be aware of phony and fraudulent profiles on social media platforms posing as me and then contacting my fans and followers in an attempt to cheat them out of money,” Alfie said.

Please be wary of phony profiles and con artists! “The official ‘Blue Tick’ next to my name on my official social networks is

“So I encourage you all to please be cautious when communicating with anyone online and NEVER transfer money to anyone posing as me,” he said, prompting supporters to voice their thoughts on the scammers, with some saying they had been targeted as well.

“It was great of you to issue a warning because some people believe it’s true, I’ve got a few myself, thank you Alfie,” one wrote.

“Because there are so many out there, we always report when something like this occurs!

” said another.

“Thanks for the warning, Alfie,” said a third. On a lighter note, the tenor stated that he was eager to return to the stage.

He couldn’t suppress his excitement as his summer tour began in a few weeks.

He wrote on Facebook, “Counting down the days and weeks till my Summer gigs begin…”

“I am very excited to see you all!

“Will anyone be attending one of the performances? If so, which one is it? ” A slew of ecstatic fans flocked to the comments section to tell the singer that they, too, couldn’t wait for him to return to the stage.

“I’m afraid Alfie, not until December.” But I’m really looking forward to it,” one person said.

“Not until.” Brinkwire Summary News, said another.


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