As October 13 approaches, BTS Jimin’s birthday month trends around the world.


This ‘Jimtober,’ the billboard on ‘Reuters Building’ looming over Times Square will have BTS Jimin’s face on it on October 13, his official birthday

Fans of BTS have a lot to celebrate as BTS is going to have their first in-person concert since the pandemic started. BTS announced their four-day Los Angeles concert on November 27, 28, and December 1, 2, this year. As fans gear up to try their best to purchase the offline tickets for the shows, fans from outside US, who have no way to attending them, have directed their energies to celebrating BTS Jimin’s 27th birthday on October 13.

Jimin is already topping charts with his solo song, ‘Filter’ that was a part of BTS’ 2020 full-length album, ‘Map of the Soul 7.’ The song ‘Filter’ has now taken the spot for the eighth-most popular track by BTS members on Spotify. In terms of stream count, ‘Filter’ achieved 42,754 streams on October 6 making its total 27.74 million streams. This is the fastest BTS solo to reach the level and one of four BTS solo songs to break the 200 million streams record.

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Jimin takes over the World

Fans are not only streaming for Jimin but they are also supporting the idol by participating in birthday projects for BTS’ “mochi”, a nickname given to Jimin because he has the world’s most squishable cheeks. Fans of Jimin took to Twitter to announce how they were going to advertise Jimin’s birthday. The billboard on ‘Reuters Building’ that looms over Times Square in New York will have Jimin’s face on it on October 13, 2021.

Not only in the United States, but Jimin-mania has also swept through Asia. His fandom from Pakistan has announced they will install an LED Wave advertisement on his birthday at the Emporium Mall in Pakistan, which is one of the world’s largest shopping malls, with about 50,000 daily visitors. Jimin’s Japanese fanbase said that they have an ongoing birthday project for Jimin that began on October 6 and will go on up to October 19 at Dorim Vision at Fukushima Station in Osaka while the Korean fanbase for Jimin called ‘Dear My Love’ will continue with a blood donation drive in the name. Brinkwire Brief News.


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