As Nicola King betrays Jimmy after confessing to adultery, the community of Emmerdale is rocked by her pregnancy.


As Nicola King betrays Jimmy after confessing to adultery, the community of Emmerdale is rocked by her pregnancy.

Nicola King of Emmerdale could become pregnant if she betrays her husband, Jimmy King, who confesses to cheating on her in Tuesday’s episode of the ITV soap.

Jimmy’s (Nick Miles) cheating tendencies have been kept a secret from Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) for a long time after he started up a romantic relationship with Many Dingle (Lisa Riley) a few weeks ago in Emmerdale. However, in Tuesday’s episode of the ITV soap, the love rat told his wife about the kiss that occurred following his previous court appearance. The mother-of-one, at the end of her rope and feeling absolutely worthless, may be tempted to wander after terminating her marriage, but will she find out she’s pregnant as a result?

Jimmy began the episode by telling Tony Audenshaw (Tony Audenshaw) and Liam Fox (Liam Fox) about turning down his wife’s advances the night before.

They warned him that if he didn’t rekindle the passion in his relationship, he’d lose his spouse for good.

As a result, the father of two dressed up in a sailor suit and prepared a romantic supper for him and Nicola in the cafe.

After going through a hard patch recently, the couple reminisced about how they met and appeared to be getting back on track.

However, the love rat divulged everything about his kiss with Mandy out of remorse, leaving his other half sad.

“It had been a few days. The trial’s second day has arrived. Jimmy explained, “I was late back for dinner, and you came and found me on a bench outside the court,” as he divulged everything.

“Why Jimmy?” Nicola inquired as the penny dropped and he kissed Mandy. “What the hell were you thinking?” says the narrator.

“I was in such a bad mood about giving my testimony. She sat with me and we talked for a while, and then she read the victim statement she’d written,” the father of two added.

“You know, the one about you being a family man, a community pillar, and a decent husband?” Nicola expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation.

As he dug himself a deeper hole, the love rat acknowledged, “I was so grateful to hear it, she was like an angel.”

You aren’t deserving of my attention.

Nicola King is a British actress.

Jimmy claimed they pushed each other after stealing their special time before Nicola arrived. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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