As multiple villagers are killed in an explosion, a Hollyoaks star teases that ‘no one is safe.’


The Hollyoaks star teases that ‘no one is safe’ after an explosion kills multiple villagers.

As a huge explosion kills multiple Hollyoaks villagers this week, Cher McQueen actress Bethannie Hare teased that fans should expect the unexpected.

In upcoming scenes, Hollyoaks star Bethannie Hare teased that no one will be safe after an explosion destroys Salon De Thé.

Fans should be worried about their favorite characters, according to Cher McQueen, because not all of the villagers involved in the massive stunt will make it through the week alive.

With a few hints as to who is in danger, chilling flashback sequences have foreshadowed impending chaos.

Cher, Martine Deveraux (Kelle Bryan), Jack Osborne (Jimmy McKenna), Mercedes and Cleo McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe, Nadine Mulkerrin), and Toby and Celeste Faroe (Bobby Gordon and Andrea Ali) are among those whose lives are endangered by the blast.

“Fans can expect a lot of twists and turns,” actress Bethanie teased, referring to the fatal fire.

“People may believe it’s going one way, but it’ll completely change the plot.”

“Obviously, it’s upsetting because the lives of the characters are in jeopardy.

Unfortunately, some characters will perish.

“There will be a lot of change, and everyone in the village will have to adjust to it.”

During Friday night’s first-look episode on E4, the first fatality of the epic stunt week was revealed.

Maya (Ky Discala) was killed by her lover Ethan Williams (Matthew James-Bailey) in an unintentional gunshot wound.

Ethan sobbed beside her body, heartbroken at the loss of his lover, but he didn’t have much time to mourn because a loud bang was heard just moments later.

The patisserie was filling up with smoke when Ethan heard it.

Becky Quentin (Katie McGlynn) was previously suspected of starting the fire, but the most recent episode revealed that Maya had followed through on her threat and planted an explosive device to teach Ethan a lesson.

An explosion rips through Salon De The in a shocking hour-long episode set to air on E4 on Tuesday, putting many lives in danger.

Toby has a big announcement to make in the midst of the chaos, and his close bond with sister Celeste shines through.

They get their just desserts for killing Lisa Loveday in a series of powerful scenes.

Peri discovers what she truly wants upstairs in a life-threatening situation, but is it too late?

When Mercedes saves Cher’s life and they realize one of their own is still in the car, the McQueens show how strong they are.

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