As international cruises return, Brits are advised to “wear a mask” and follow “extremely stringent protocol.”


As international cruises return, Brits are advised to “wear a mask” and follow “extremely stringent protocol.”

From August 2, international cruises will be able to depart from England again, according to the government. What will it be like for those on board, though?

This morning, Simon Calder appeared on ITV to address the new Covid guidelines and limits that have been implemented on cruise ships. Cruises around the United Kingdom resumed on May 20, but international cruises will resume next week.

Despite the fact that international cruises will be able to leave England again this summer following a 16-month hiatus, Covid measures will remain on board.

Simon Calder, a travel journalist and specialist, was on This Morning today to discuss ship limits.

“There are an awful lot of issues, and sailing will not be quite what you knew it before,” Simon stated when asked what happens if someone gets Covid while on the cruise.

He emphasized that, to yet, all UK cruise vacations had followed “very stringent protocol” on board the ships.

“Every ship that sails is required to have a hot area,” Simon added.

“That is part of a medical facility where anyone who tests positive will be held.

“They also need to make arrangements with ports in the area they’re traveling in so that those persons can be dropped off at any time if they test positive.”

However, according to the travel expert, “everything has been done to try and minimize” the risk of travelers contracting Covid in the first place.

“On most ships, but not all, everyone must be vaccinated.

“There are also Lateral Flow Tests must be done before you board.”

Meanwhile, the crew has self-isolated rather than being stabbed, according to Simon.

“They join the ship and basically wait in their stateroom for two weeks until they are proven to be Covid-free.”

“However, as cruising resumes across the world, we’ve seen cases of Covid unavoidably taken on board,” the travel journalist continued.

“It appears that they can be handled with without resulting in the dreadful situation that we witnessed last spring, when a lot of ships sailed around urgently looking for a port that would receive them.”

Simon went on to describe the situation on cruise ships when masks are worn.

“Even though everyone has been double-jabbed and tested, it is expected that you will wear a mask throughout.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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