As her husband’s health battle continues, Kate Garraway anticipates a “slippery slope” after Freedom Day.


As her husband’s health battle continues, Kate Garraway anticipates a “slippery slope” after Freedom Day.

KATE GARRAWAY has expressed her reservations over Boris Johnson’s decision to ease lockdown restrictions on Monday, dubbed “Freedom Day.”

In a conversation with Charlotte Hawkins and guests Afua Adom and Isabel Oakeshott on Good Morning Britain today, Kate Garraway expressed her concerns over the loosening of lockdown limitations. As coronavirus infections continue to grow across the United Kingdom, the host expressed concern about a “slippery slope.”

The majority of limitations will be lifted on July 19, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He has urged the public to use their discretion when it comes to wearing a mask and social distancing, but “expects and recommends” the usage of face coverings in enclosed spaces.

Kate, 54, warned today on the show that not having masks mandatory may be a “slippery slope.”

“If people believe they aren’t wearing a mask, the distancing isn’t the same, and then the next thing isn’t the same,” she continued.

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“It’s a precarious situation.”

Isabel, a guest, agreed, but says masks are “symbolic in the wrong manner.”

“Look at where we are right now; we don’t need to keep maintaining this state of dread and anxiety.

“The NHS app is pinging so many people that businesses are unable to operate,” she added, adding that people are “needlessly self-isolating.

“We simply cannot continue in this manner.”

Kate’s anxieties arise as a result of her recent update on her husband Derek’s health.

For nearly a year, the 53-year-old battled Covid-19, which created other health issues.

He’s now at home and in the care of professionals, but Kate says he’s still not totally recovered.

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“He’s really up and down, we’re certainly not out of the woods,” she said on Good Morning Britain.

“Not because he was better, no,” she replied when asked why her husband went home earlier this year.

“However, now that we’re back at home, we’ve noticed some improvements.

“Having the family around has definitely offered excitement, and I believe the problem is that you hang on to the positives, which is fantastic because you have.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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