As he shuts down GMB’s Sean Fletcher, he says, “We offered that advise in April.”


As he shuts down GMB’s Sean Fletcher, he says, “We offered that advise in April.”

As he grew irritated with Sean Fletcher’s questions, Foreign Office Minister James Cleverly defended the government’s handling of the Afghanistan problem.

Sean Fletcher and Charlotte Hawkins of Good Morning Britain wanted to know why there was such a rush to evacuate British citizens from Afghanistan in recent weeks. However, when James Cleverly said that the government began evacuations in April of this year, the hosts persisted in grilling him, resulting in the politician snapping and terminating the interview.

Fletcher said, “Everyone appears to agree it was an evacuation disaster, that it was a foreign policy disaster, and your government was in control of it.”

“Well, the evacuation and repatriation exercise pulled almost 15,000 individuals out of Afghanistan in a country that was taken over by the Taliban,” he cleverly countered.

“Since April of this year, we have been recommending British nationals to leave Afghanistan. In April, we devised a plan to evacuate interpreters and other Afghans who had served with us.

Between April and the fall of Kabul, tens of thousands of Afghans were evacuated. We organized an air assault brigade and sent airborne forces to seize Kabul airport when the airport was under direct threat from the Taliban.

“Over the last few weeks, as I mentioned, we have managed to evacuate 15,000 people, including British citizens, Afghans who helped with us, and Afghans who we assessed as being at significant risk of Taliban retaliation.”

Cleverly continued to defend the government’s handling of the problem later in the interview.

“While we had access to Kabul airport, our top objective was to ensure that all of the people who contacted us, had received permissions, and had been called forward, were able to board planes while we still had it.

“That was our top concern, and we received a flood of correspondence from charities, people, and members of Parliament, which we were and are still sorting through.

“Obviously, our top goal is for those who were at the airport with the proper papers to board a plane while we still maintained control of the airport.

“That was the top priority, and it was the correct one. Obviously, we are completing letters as rapidly as possible.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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