As he opens out about his arson ordeal, Chris Packham fears that his “home may be burned down.”


CHRIS PACKHAM candidly opened up to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about the arson attacks which took place at his home over the weekend on Monday’s This Morning.

Springwatch presenter and wildlife expert Chris Packham recently fell victim to a harrowing arson attack on his home in the New Forest. The incident arose after he claims two masked men set a vehicle on fire at the front gate of his house in the early hours of Friday morning. With Hampshire Police continuing to investigate the attack, Chris joined Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning to discuss how it’s impacted him and his family and how it still won’t stop him from supporting causes close to his heart.

After initially detailing the events of Friday evening to Phillip and Holly, Chris turned his attention to his family and what the future may hold for them.

And in doing so, the BBC wildlife expert admitted he fears attacks may escalate.

Replying to one of Phillip’s questions, Chris opened up: “I’m just losing your sound a little bit Phillip, but I think you were asking about my family.

“Of course it has an impact. I have a partner and a step-daughter Megan [McCubbin], who you know, of course, I know she’s very pleased to be working with you.

“They are relatively stoic, they’re sticking with my determination to carry on with my campaigning.

“They understand the nature of these threats but as I say, this is a different type of threat.

“They’ve now actively and proactively damaged our property with an exploding car,” Chris went on before admitting he fears the violent acts could turn even nastier.

The Springwatch star admitted: “What we wonder is where it goes from here.

Harassment , relentless abuse , intimidation and now arson . And what next . . . ? I will not be cowed , I will not buckle , but can I ask for your help ? If you are an @nationaltrust member please sign to end hunting here and now .

“Is it the house that’s going to be burned down? Are we going to be physically abused?

“Are they going to damage our vehicles?” Chris pondered before candidly sharing his apprehensions further.

He added: “Ultimately when people are taking these sorts of actions, you never know when they’re going. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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