As he makes a spectacular film return, Vinnie Jones’seems at peace’ with the death of his wife.


EXCLUSIVE: Actor Terry Stone revealed what it was like working with Vinnie Jones on the new Rise of the Footsoldier film and that he believes it helped Vinnie deal with his grief

Vinnie Jones “seems at peace” with wife’s death, his co-star Terry Stone has revealed.

Newly-released British gangster film Rise of the Footsoldier Origins: The Tony Tucker Story delves into the origin story of actor Terry’s character Tony.

The actor also stars alongside other film legends including Vinnie and Keith Allen, the father of pop sensation Lily Allen.

The ultra-violent franchise first kicked off in 2007 and has since spawned sequels including Rise of the Footsoldier Part II: Reign of the General (2015); RotF 3: The Pat Tate Story (2017) and RoTF: Marbella (2019).

Terry caught up with the Brinkwire to chat all things about the new film and to dig deeper into Vinnie’s comeback to the big screen after tragically losing his wife Tanya to cancer in 2019.

The 50-year-old actor said: “He obviously lost his wife and I think he wrote his book to celebrate his wife’s life.

“Then he went on to do Piers Morgan and to do a lot of other press but I think that actually helped him in some way cope with it.

“I think he was trying to get his head around what has happened with Tanya and the film I think came along at a good time and he looked at it and just thought ‘I really want to do this – it looks great’.

When asked about what the big guy was like in real life – as opposed to his usual hard men characters he plays – Terry revealed that he was a “generous actor” and a “gentlemen”.

Terry explained: “What was nice was he came on set and seeing him as a vulnerable person who has lost everything – because if you lost your best friend and mother of your children… I mean, it’s upsetting to even think about it – but if you look at that and think ‘how do you come back from that?’

“And he had no choice and he just had to deal with it and a lot of people wanted to see him come back and get over his loss and get back on the horse and when he got on the set he just seemed at peace with it.”

He continued: “He did amazing on the film, we had good. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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