As he learns to read at 51, Jay Blades speaks out on the show’s “toughest hurdle.”


As he learns to read at 51, Jay Blades speaks out on the show’s “toughest hurdle.”

JAY BLADES has spoken out about one of his “toughest struggles” in life, which fans will experience in the coming months when the 51-year-old star of The Repair Shop learns to read.

Jay, 51, has developed a large following when he began hosting The Repair Shop in 2017 and has become a fan favorite since then. What viewers of the BBC show may not know is that the furniture restorer has always struggled to read, and in a new documentary for the broadcasting giant, he will tackle the challenge of learning to read. Fans of the father-of-three will see a new side of him as he frankly discusses how difficult it has been for him to not read for the majority of his life.

Jay Blades: Learning to Read at 51 will be a one-off hour-long documentary that will air on both BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

The furniture retailer will open up about his inability to read to himself until his early 30s, which will be watched by viewers.

He avoided writing and reading for most of his life in order to keep his secret hidden, and the film will show how difficult that was.

The presenter dropped out of school without a diploma due to his inability to read, and one of the challenges he will confront in the documentary is whether he will be able to reverse the repercussions later in life.

According to some of the research presented in the episode, eight million adults in the United Kingdom have weak literacy abilities.

A quarter of students, like Jay, leave school unable to read at the required level, and half of those serving prison sentences are unable to read as well.

Fans will see the presenter learn to read with a nonprofit that coaches adults through literacy, and he will be encouraged by others in his position as he takes on the challenge.

The father-of-three will also delve into his past to figure out why learning was so difficult for him when he was younger.

“Learning to read is going to be the greatest obstacle for me,” Jay said of taking center stage in the documentary.

This is going to be the most difficult challenge.

Blades, Jay

“On my voyage, I’ll be meeting people who.”Brinkwire Summary News”, the furniture retailer remarked.


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