As fans notice a telling clue, The Masked Singer’s Mushroom is revealed to be Aisling Bea.


As fans spot a telling clue, The Masked Singer’s Mushroom is revealed to be Aisling Bea.

THE MASKED SINGER made a comeback over the weekend, with the new year bringing a slew of new, disguised celebrities vying for anonymity.

However, fans of the ITV show believe they have already figured out one of this year’s contestants – are they correct?

New alter-egos of various celebrities took to the stage last weekend on the popular ITV guessing show.

Panda, Snow Leopard, Mushroom, and many others were among them.

After spotting a revealing clue, fans of The Masked Singer believe they have Mushroom pegged as Irish comedian Aisling Bea – could the 37-year-old be behind the mask?

Mushroom’s performance left judges Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross, Rita Ora, and Mo Gilligan scratching their heads.

“Hello there, it’s me, Mushroom,” Mushroom said in a deceptive northern accent in the clue video.

“I’m quite mellow and carefree as a mushroom,” they continued, “but I’ve been known to sprout in a more serious part of the forest.”

“Did you know mushrooms aid in the control of life in the woods?”

“They have the ability to help things decay while also bringing new life to them, which is similar to how I like to start new things and try new things.”

The judges listened intently during the video for any hidden details, and Rita speculated that the person might be a well-known gardener.

The judges did notice a distinct Irish accent when Mushroom took the stage, though.

“I definitely heard an Irish accent,” Jonathan said.

On Twitter, it was suggested that comedian Aisling Bea was hiding behind the fungi costume, attempting to fool people into thinking it was a northern celebrity.

“Aisling Bea for Mushroom? (hashtag)MaskedSinger,” tweeted Twitter user Jeanette.

“Getting around to watching the first episode of (hashtag)TheMaskedSingerUK (hashtag)TheMaskedSingerUK (hashtag)MaskedSingerUK (hashtag)MaskedSingerUK (hashtag)MaskedSinger and (hashtag)Mushroom could be @WeeMissBea,” Chris Prew added.

Paul Skinner guessed, “(hashtag)maskedsinger Aisling Bea is the Mushroom.”

“@WeeMissBea, hey Aisling, are you a bit of a fun-gi? (hashtag)maskedsinger,” Kayleigh Samson wrote on Instagram.

“(hashtag)MaskedSinger I think mushroom is Aisling Bea!!!” Emily added to this speculation.

“@WeeMissBea, well done on (hashtag)maskedsinger,” Dave Roberts wrote.

“It sounded promising.”

The actress has yet to respond to tweets inquiring if she is Mushroom.

Rebel Wilson and Sia were among the judges’ guesses.

“I thought it was maybe an actress,” Davina explained, “but then I saw the legal thing and I went Vicky.”

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