As Britain struggles with supply, Peston gives a grave gas warning: ‘We could run out.’


As Britain struggles with supply, Peston gives a grave gas warning: ‘We could run out.’

ROBERT Peston has questioned whether British gas supplies could “run out” in the event of a very harsh winter, with a supplier confirming that serious shortages could occur in the coming months.

Robert Peston has warned that if the UK experiences a “very harsh winter” this year, gas supplies may run out. The warning came as gas prices continued to rise in the UK, despite increased demand for gas across Europe, prompting some to fear that Britain could end up at the back of the line.

“Because this is something that truly matters to people,” ITV political editor Robert Peston remarked.

“As a country, we are vulnerable.

“We don’t have adequate gas storage, so if you have a particularly harsh winter with very cold temperatures, we could run out.”

“Yeah, in which case what you would do is shut down an industry,” said Sir Jim Ratcliffe, chairman of INEOS, a British multinational chemicals business.

“Which will be a disaster,” Mr Peston predicted.

“Economically,” Mr Ratcliffe explained. You know, we’re already in a poor situation as COVID.

“As a result, you don’t actually need to shut down industries, which is bad for British industry.”

“If we told all of our customers that we couldn’t supply them.”

Gas costs have risen in the United Kingdom, and energy suppliers have ceased operations.

Last winter was particularly cold, which increased gas use and depleted supply.

Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, on the other hand, believes it is premature to talk about gas shortages.

“There is no question that the lights will go out, that people will be unable to heat their houses,” he warned.

“There will be no return to the 1970s or a three-day work week.”

No. 10 also stated that the United Kingdom had a “wide and secure” selection of suppliers.

Many annual family fuel expenses, though, will increase by £135 or more.

Because it is one of Europe’s largest users of natural gas, the United Kingdom has been particularly hard struck.


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