As Anne Hegerty joins in, Mark Labbett takes aim at viewers who grumble about The Chase.


As Anne Hegerty joins in, Mark Labbett takes aim at viewers who grumble about The Chase.

After receiving concerns on social media today, MARK LABBETT has urged viewers to contact The Chase.

Mark Labbett has responded to a social media user who has complained about The Chase on Twitter. As his colleague Anne Hegerty waded in, the quizmaster, also known as The Beast, asked the person in question to send their issues to ITV.

It comes after viewers of The Chase slammed the show for asking a blind player “unfair” questions on last night’s edition.

Josh, a blind competitor, was asked about the colors of snooker balls during the show, prompting a storm of internet complaints.

“Seems unfair + wrong that #TheChase just asked a sight-impaired contender about which color ball is furthest from the player on a snooker table #Disability #DisabilityTwitter,” one spectator remarked on Twitter.

“Hard to believe, but #TheChase just asked a blind man a question on snooker colored balls, visual art, and bioluminescence,” another commented. I’m hoping it’s a random selection.”

Mark, 56, retaliated on social media when a viewer voiced his displeasure with him and the show’s host, Bradley Walsh.

“Why ask a vision-impaired candidate questions involving answers based on vision (ie”what color is…?” as an example),” the person in question wrote. Do you agree that it is unjust?

“Please give him a fair shot to win @guidedogs #blind #disability”

The tweet was addressed to “@thechaseabc @BradleyWalsh @MarkLabbett” on Twitter.

Mark said, “Because the queries are, er, random?” in light of his 146,000 followers.

“Approximately 2-3 percent of the questions are ‘visual’ questions, which should arise to a visually impaired player at some point. What’s more, why are you going after two people and an American production?”

“Two persons who have no input on questions at all,” he added. Complaints should be directed to @itvchase, where relevant producers can respond.”

Any complaints made to him via social media, according to the small-screen actor, are a “waste of time.”

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“Would people who have issues about #TheChase please address them to @itvchase,” the Chaser wrote in a follow-up tweet. You’re wasting your time if you don’t.”

“What complaints have there been?” inquired another user.

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