As Alastair Campbell takes over for Richard Madeley, GMB viewers ‘switch off’: ‘Why, oh why!’


As Alastair Campbell takes over for Richard Madeley, GMB viewers ‘switch off’: ‘Why, oh why!’

On Monday morning, GMB fans were left scrambling for the remote after learning that Alastair Campbell had joined Susanna Reid in the presenting seats.

Since Piers Morgan’s resignation from Good Morning Britain in March, a number of guest presenters have filled in for Susanna Reid on the ITV show. Richard Madeley, Martin Lewis, and Alastair Campbell are just three of the hosts who have taken up the duty, and it was the latter who returned on Monday morning to examine the newest news. However, it’s safe to say that the former Labour MP’s reappearance did not please all GMB viewers.

On his first episode back after taking over from Richard, Alastair and Susanna had a lot on their plates.

Alastair and Susanna had lots of guests to talk to, from the London Marathon to the issue of unvaccinated professional footballers.

However, just moments after Alastair took his seat on the show, people went to social media to express their feelings.

“I switched on my TV this morning only to discover Alastair Campbell presenting again,” Victoria Peniche wrote on Twitter.

“Why, why, why is he so boring? He has no personality. I think it’s time to change channels.”

Following the Pandora papers, a significant collection of stolen offshore records, Jay Anthony slammed the presenting team for failing to report on Alastair’s former boss, Tony Blair.

“GMB has been on for almost an hour and Susana and Campbell have made no mention of his best pal Tony Blair on this Pandora scam outrageous,” he said.

During a conversation about unvaccinated footballers, Geraldine Robinson took issue with Alastair’s views.

“@GMB She fumed at Alister Campbell for calling people who don’t take an experimental jab “conspiracy theorists.” “Perhaps if they talked about the side effects of the vaccine instead of trying to hide them, that would help.” “@gmb what the hell is Alistair Campbell doing on here again, scraping the barrel!” echoed Lynn McAdam. Ffs.” (Sic) “I’ve decided to give this a pass till Campbell goes,” Andi agreed. I’ll be able to go to work much faster. #gmb.” “Yet again, @GMB Alastair Campbell!!! Dawn added, “Turning off [mad emoji].”

“What a relief to see you on @GMB this morning Alastair!” tweeted @Day17 Anne, defending the presenting choice. You’re always speaking on my behalf!” And here’s what @hooray k had to say: “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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