As a result of Frankie’s warning, Mick Carter attacks Zack on EastEnders.


As a result of Frankie’s warning, Mick Carter attacks Zack on EastEnders.

EASTENDERS might be rocked by a murder in the coming weeks, after Mick Carter told daughter Frankie that he doesn’t want Zack Hudson near his family. How far will Mick go to defend those he cares about?

Despite the fact that Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis) was driving the automobile, Zack Hudson (James Farrar) took the fall for Nancy Carter’s (Maddie Hill) hit-and-run. Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) was enraged when he found out Frankie had fled off and left her sister for dead, but he eventually forgave her. When Mick discovered the truth, he inquired about Frankie’s contact with Zack before cautioning her against starting a relationship with him. He wasn’t pleased, though, when he subsequently saw Nancy with him. Is Mick capable of murdering Zack?

Frankie dashed to the pub after admitting she was to blame for Nancy’s accident, with Mick behind her to find out why she lied.

Frankie said Mick, “I already felt left out by all of you, always whispering, you knew I couldn’t hear you.”

“That wasn’t about you,” he said. “What made you flee?”

“He drank a little more than he should have. Frankie said, “He said we should run.” “He merely said it to keep me safe.

“I was very angry because I didn’t want to lose my only family. Is she never going to speak to me?”

“She’s your sister,” Mick retorted, but Frankie countered, “I won’t take long to pack my bag.”

The kid expressed her concern that she was becoming like her mother, but her father assured her that she was not.

Mick told Frankie that they could keep the fact that she was driving the car a secret when they returned to the Queen Vic.

But when Frankie inquired about what the family had been talking about, Mick revealed that it was about Linda’s (Kellie Bright) baby.

He explained, “You should never feel left out.” “I should have warned you right away.

“It’s Max’s baby, Linda’s baby,” Frankie says, leaving Frankie to wonder, “And you’re good with it?”

“Max doesn’t know,” Mick continued. There are just four of us: me, you, Linda, and Nancy. That’s why we had to keep it as low as possible.”

Frankie was relieved that her father had told her everything before inquiring about her personal life: “So, you and Zack, are you?”

Frankie says, “We’re just pals.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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