As a response to Ricky Gervais’ remark, Eamonn Holmes splits fans with “vile language.”


As a response to Ricky Gervais’ remark, Eamonn Holmes splits fans with “vile language.”

After using profane language on social media today, EAMONN HOLMES has divided his admirers.

Eamonn Holmes, 61, startled fans when he responded to a post that included an expletive-laced statement from comedian Ricky Gervais. Although the This Morning host intended for the message to be well-intentioned, some of his fans were offended by the language he used.

Eamonn shared a photo of Ricky and a comment from the actor.

“You are a [bleep]if you love seeing an animal afraid or in pain,” it stated.

“This is why I love this dude @rickygervais,” Eamonn captioned the photo.

He also included a dog emoji as well as several applauding emojis.

Many people agreed with the message but objected to the “vile language.”

“Totally agree with the intent, but not the terrible language,” one person said.

“Agree with the sentiment, but not the choice of words,” said a second.

“I despise the horrible language, and it takes no talent to express something so obvious — any normal person would agree with it,” a third added.

Others speculated that Eamonn’s account had been compromised.

“HAS YOUR EAMONN ACCOUNT BEEN HACKED?? Why would you use the C word in a post? VILE!” They asserted.

Others, on the other hand, had Eamonn’s back.

“That’s the whole point, that’s how strongly he feels about it, and he’s right,” one person added.

A second said, “Totally agree with you Eamonn and Ricky.”

Another said, “Agreed.” “Ricky Gervais is one of the most generous people I’ve ever met.”

Another said, “Couldn’t agree more, he is a legend for animal preservation!”

Eamonn also stunned viewers on This Morning yesterday with his choice of words.

He stunned This Morning viewers when he labeled John Torode “a nasty pig” during the culinary segment.

It happened during a discussion over how to eat Custard Cream biscuits, during which Eamonn took issue with John’s eating habits.

“You’re a filthy pig.” He joked, “Imagine living with you.”

“You remind me of a toddler that tries to lick his or her plate clean.”

Fans were split on whether they thought it was amusing or alarming, with one fan writing on Twitter, “Rude Eamonn!”


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