As a Repair Shop visitor shares an item given on his father’s deathbed, Jay Blades is taken aback.


As a Repair Shop visitor shares an item given on his father’s deathbed, Jay Blades is taken aback.

During Wednesday’s episode of The Repair Shop, one guest described the last time she saw her father alive and the item from the exchange that needed to be restored, leaving JAY BLADES speechless.

Jay Blades welcomed a variety of clients and their prized possessions to the workshop on Wednesday’s The Repair Shop. Mark Stuckey, an expert in electronics, attempted to resurrect an ancient tape recorder, while Will Kirk was tasked with refurbishing an old coffee table. Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell, teddy bear experts, were also tasked with putting a panda toy back together. However, Jay was speechless just minutes into the show after visitor Gill described the moment her father died while handing her the panda toy.

Gill had brought into the workplace a small toy panda that her father had given her when she was a child.

“Can you tell me where you got the panda?” As Gill pulled the worn item from her bag, Jay inquired.

“My parents gave it to me when I was approximately three or four years old,” Gill explained.

“Each of my sisters and I was given the opportunity to select a mechanical toy. I’m the family’s youngest member, and I chose the panda.”

The guest said, “Panda is almost 60 years old.” “He continues to work. He’s a little slower than he was before.”

Gill told them about the sadness she had when her father died, saying, “Unfortunately, my father died two weeks before my sixth birthday.”

“And then there was the time when my father was bedridden at home. He’d say, ‘Go get panda because he’ll make you grin,’ if I wasn’t feeling very cheerful.

“So, I’d go get panda, and dad would rile him up, and we’d sit and watch because dad would say, ‘It’s incredibly essential to smile.’”

Gill’s eyes welled up with tears as she remembered her father. “So it (the panda) reminds me of that,” she continued.

“The final memory I had of my father was him standing on his bed, taking off his oxygen mask and waving at us.

“And then he died that night.”

As the BBC host was caught aback by Gill’s narrative, Jay took a deep breath and lowered his head in surprise.

Turning her focus back to the panda, Gill remarked, “As a result, he is a little worn.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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