As a player steps in and says, “Interrupted me!” Ben Shephard is forced to repeat Tipping Point questions.


As a player steps in and says, “Interrupted me!” Ben Shephard is forced to repeat Tipping Point questions.

On today’s Tipping Point, BEN SHEPHARD had to repeat many questions after a contestant rushed in to answer them and viewers watching at home didn’t get to hear the entire question.

The final installment of this week’s Tipping Point featured Ben Shephard. Caroline, Matt, Trevlyn, and Nigel joined him in the ITV studio, all expecting to walk away with some cash, hopefully the £10,000 jackpot. Matt was given a succession of quick-fire questions during the game show, and he was keen to acquire as many counters as possible. So much so that Ben didn’t finish his queries before the host gave an answer, prompting the host to repeat them for the viewers at home.

Nigel was the first to leave the game show after the first round.

Caroline, Matt, and Trevlyn were then asked a series of quick-fire questions by Ben in order to win counters to put in the machine.

Ben’s final question to Matt during his turn was, “Launched in 1970, Countrylife is a brand of which dairy -”

But he was interrupted by Matt, who replied with “butter.”

“Correct,” said the presenter.

“You’re completely right, Matt,” Ben added once the timer had expired.

“You interrupted me and got five correct answers, which is fantastic.

“Let’s simply remind everyone about some of the ones you got involved in.”

Ben then asked Matt the same two questions he had asked him earlier.

“By definition, neuroscience is concerned with the study of the nervous system and whatever organ of the human body?” said the first.

“When you stated the brain, you were completely banging on.

“Countrylife is a brand of dairy food product that is often used as a spread that was first introduced in 1970. “And it tasted like butter,” the host added.

“Wow, you got in right before the buzzer and got five correct answers, five counters to put in the machine.”

Matt’s rapid response paid off, as he became the first player to reach the final.

Film, location, nature, food and drink, geography, and history were among the categories he had to deal with.

He began at the top and worked his way down the list.

Matt was off to a tremendous start, adding a couple hundred pounds to his total.

“Brinkwire Summary News”, nevertheless, after winning 10 counters, Matt.


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