As a major wildfire rages nearby, Brad Pitt’s $5.5 million California beach mansion is under a ‘danger to life’ EVACUATION alert.


As a major wildfire rages nearby, Brad Pitt’s $5.5 million California beach mansion is under a ‘danger to life’ EVACUATION alert.

The Sun has learned that Brad Pitt’s $5.5 million beach property is in danger of being destroyed by a raging wildfire.

The Oscar winner’s oceanfront home in Goleta, California, is in the path of the Alisal wildfire.

The raging fire started on Monday afternoon and had already consumed over 15,000 acres by Wednesday evening.

Brad’s house is in the evacuation warning zone, which means there is a risk of loss of life or property.

In 2000, the 57-year-old Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star paid $4 million for the estate just north of Santa Barbara, the same year he married Jennifer Aniston.

In recent years, he has allowed his Missouri family to use it as a vacation home when they come to visit him.

“Brad and Jen used to spend a lot of romantic time up there back in the day,” a Hollywood source revealed.

“Brad still visits there now and then, but it is mostly his family’s home away from home in California when they visit Brad.”

“However, he adores the location and has a strong emotional affinity to it.

“(Second wife) Angelina Jolie wasn’t a fan, but Brad insisted on keeping it.”

“Even though he doesn’t have a lot of time in his schedule to travel up there as much as he’d like, he appreciates allowing friends and family stay there.”

As fire crews deployed tanker planes to douse the flames, changing gusts of up to 70 mph impeded efforts to bring the wildfire under control.

The fire forced evacuations and even forced the closure of Highway 101 between Las Cruces and Goleta.

It also led emergency services to issue an evacuation order for former US President Ronald Reagan’s ranch.

When President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy used Rancho del Cielo as their holiday home, it was known as the western White House.

“Fire engines are on the Reagan Ranch property, and fire retardant will be sprayed around the structures,” the Young America’s Foundation, which now owns the property, said.

“YAF is working with local emergency workers to offer access to two lakes at Rancho del Cielo that hold over one million gallons of water,” says the statement.

According to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, a federal incident management team was set to take over operational responsibility of the firefighting on Wednesday evening.

“We’ve greatly improved our capacity to manage this situation,” Los Padres National Forest Fire Chief Jimmy Harris stated.

“The most dangerous and essential point of the fire is when the winds shift because the… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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