Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger’s net worth: After a ‘painful’ exit, Wenger amassed a phenomenal wealth.


Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger’s net worth: After a ‘painful’ exit, Wenger amassed a phenomenal wealth.

ARSENE WENGER is a former manager and player in the sport of football. He is famous for being Arsenal’s longest-serving and most successful manager. But how much money does he have? Arsene Wenger, 71, is a former Arsenal manager and footballer who served as the club’s manager from 1996 to 2018. The football icon has amassed an enormous fortune.

Arsene was born and reared in France, where he began playing football at the age of twelve.

His father exposed him to football at an early age, and the manager has acquired a sizable wealth following a long and successful career. But how much is it? Arsene Wenger has a net worth of £35 million and a salary of £7 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth.

This equates to around £585,333 each month and £19,000 every day.

Arsene joined his father’s football team when he was 12 years old, and by the age of 16 he had advanced to the first professional squad.

Wenger studied politics and economics before deciding to pursue a manager’s diploma ten years later.

For his studious demeanor, he was dubbed “Le Professeur” throughout his years as a manager.

Arsene Wenger was Arsenal’s manager from 1996 to 2018, and is often regarded as the club’s most successful and longest-serving manager.

He was the captain of the team for three Premier League titles and seven FA Cup victories.

Arsene was rumored to be making £500,000 per season when he joined in 1996.

He was offered a £2 million-per-year contract a few years later, in 2002.

He quickly earned a reputation for being able to detect youthful talent and prioritizing rising football stars above high-priced recruits.

After a period of uncertainty, Arsene left the team in 2018.

“I believe it is the correct moment for me to stand down at the end of the season after serious thought and negotiations with the club.” “I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the club for so many unforgettable years,” he remarked as he walked away.

In his latest autobiography, Wenger stated that leaving Arsenal was a “very lonely, very sad” breakup.

FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development is the previous manager’s current position.

Arsene married Annie Brosterhous, a former basketball player, but the couple divorced in 2015.

Lea, their 24-year-old daughter, is their only child together.

Arsene is now based in both London and Paris.

He is said to own a £6.5 million property in the “Brinkwire Summary News” in London.


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