Arlene Phillips’ ‘OCD’ comment on I’m A Celebrity: ‘Educate yourself!’ draws criticism.


Arlene Phillips’ ‘OCD’ comment on I’m A Celebrity: ‘Educate yourself!’ draws criticism.

ARLENE PHILLIPS has enraged the I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! contestants. After the ex-Strictly Come Dancing judge made a controversial remark regarding her cleanliness, viewers were outraged.

After the first episode of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! aired on Sunday night, numerous ITV fans were outraged by Dame Arlene Phillips’ comment. The choreographer, who was born in Prestwich, had been chastised for using the term “OCD” to describe her obsession with cleanliness. Despite the fact that many fans were angered by the ex-television judge’s comments, several members of the public chastised ITV for not removing the contentious remark from the broadcast.

The celebs were asked about their fears and vulnerabilities before entering camp, and Arlene said, “I cannot live with dirt.”

“I am extremely OCD about everything in my life being organized, clean, neat, and tidy,” she stated.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a prevalent mental health illness in which a person has obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors, according to the NHS website. The term can be wrongly used to describe someone who is clean or organized.

As a result, many people resorted to social media to criticize Arlene’s use of the term to represent her love of cleanliness.

“No, Arlene, you are not ‘OCD’ about cleaning,” Twitter user @HollieAnneB replied. We need to stop using the phrase (hashtag)ImACeleb” to describe a horrific, life-changing sickness. “Say it with me!” said another viewer, @glitterballsuki. Come on arlene(hashtag)ImACeleb, OCD is a mental condition, not a shorthand for not liking mess.” “Arlene Phillips, educate yourself about OCD – it’s a horrible condition, not a quirk about being neat!” tweeted @jlpcdtjlp. (sic) “Arlene Phillips has mentioned ocd for a while now it appears like she actually does have it,” @janinemalIoy defended the former Strictly judge. Without knowing the circumstances, everyone was quick to jump on her for a few Twitter likes.” After the comment was broadcast, ITV received outrage from viewers who believed it should have been cut out of the episode.

“Itv for genuine left in arlene phillips using ocd as a descriptor for her merely enjoying nice and tidy places,” @holbyxedits said.

“Shocked but not shocked that @ITV showed what Arlene Phillips claimed about being OCD since she’s organized and can’t live with dirt,” @nikitaamason wrote on Twitter. ITV, you can do better.” While ITV producers are still working on it. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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