Ariana Grande and Chavon Rodgers had no hard feelings after an inadvertent snub on ‘The Voice.’


Ariana Grande and Chavon Rodgers had no hard feelings after an inadvertent snub on ‘The Voice.’

One competitor from The Voice Season 21 took to social media on Monday, Oct. 11 to clarify a scene from the program.

Chavon Rodgers faced up against fellow teammate David Vogel in the Battle Rounds premiere, and coach Ariana Grande had to decide which candidate to stay on her squad.

Grande attempted to hug Rodgers after he chose Vogel, but he went right by her.

Was the singer oblivious to Grande’s gesture, or did he not notice her?

Chavon Rodgers of Team Ariana and David Vogel of Team Ariana competed on ‘The Voice.’

Rodgers and Vogel sang “Sugar, We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy on The Voice stage, as seen in the video below.

The rock singers gave the song its own twist, and Grande applauded both performers’ vocals. Rodgers and Vogel, she added, belonged on the radio; but, Vogel’s voice was clearer, and Grande could hear him today.

Grande fought back tears as she continued, “I love and care about you both, and you’re both very brilliant.” “It’s so difficult… Regardless, I’m a huge fan of both of you. I’ve been following you and attending your gigs for a long time. ‘She’s here again?’ you’re going to say. And I’m going to say, ‘Yeah, I’m here…’ ‘Could you please sign my shirt?’ Rodgers gently accepted Vogel’s victory, telling Grande how grateful he is to have had her as a coach.

“Thank you so much for seeing something in me and taking me on this journey,” he expressed his gratitude.

“I adore you and am grateful for everything you’ve done for me.”

Grande rose to hug Rodgers as he walked off the stage. He passed by her extended arms, though, and she wondered if he hadn’t noticed her.

He didn’t seem to purposely snub her after his pleasant comments, but the situation generated some perplexity.

Chavon Rodgers took to Instagram Stories to clarify the’snub’ of a hug.

Rodgers, thankfully, didn’t waste any time in clearing the air with Grande and her adoring supporters.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the Tulsa, Oklahoma native took to Instagram Stories to confirm that he didn’t see Grande waiting and that he walked away with no malice in his heart.

“Hey, fellas! I just needed to clarify something. I completely missed Ariana standing up to hug me. I had my eyes closed and was leaving the stage after thanking her for everything!” Rodgers elaborated. “A producer told me what had happened when I arrived backstage, and I was distraught.”

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