‘Are you willing to abandon Al-Qaeda?’ Three times the Taliban chief has refused to disavow the murderous outfit.


‘Are you willing to abandon Al-Qaeda?’ Three times the Taliban chief has refused to disavow the murderous outfit.

Lara Logan of FOX News pressed a Taliban representative three times to separate his organization from Al-Qaeda, but he refused.

Lara Logan of Fox News quizzed Taliban chief Suhail Shaheen over his organization’s support for Al-Qaeda. Despite US President Joe Biden’s demands that the Taliban abandon any ties to terrorists, the Taliban spokesman refused to formally condemn the terror organisation. The violent exchange took place less than a day after the Taliban recaptured Kabul after US troops were withdrawn.

“Why haven’t you rejected Al-Qaeda?” Ms Logan inquired.

“If you read the Doha agreement, we explicitly stated that we will not allow anyone, whether an individual or an entity, any group, to use the site of Afghanistan against the United States or its friends in any other country of the world,” the Taliban chairman responded.

“That’s suggesting you won’t allow your land to be used,” the Fox News reporter continued, clearly displeased with the response.

“However, the specific point is: why do you refuse to denounce Al-Qaeda?

“You never have, not since the beginning, not since 9/11.”

“We have said that we condemn the killing of civilians by any entity, any group, whether it is an organization, a state, or any group to kill civilians,” Shaheen responded.

“That is our blanket condemnation of anyone.”

During the failed Doha peace talks, the Taliban demanded respect, which they could only get if they separated themselves from Al-Qaeda.

Al Qaeda is a multi-national militant Islamist group that operates as a network of Islamic extremists and Salafist jihadists.

Al-return Qaeda’s to Afghanistan is “inevitable,” according to Western generals and policymakers.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged the UN Security Council on Monday to “use all instruments at its disposal to crush the global terrorist threat in Afghanistan.”

The 9/11 attacks on the United States were orchestrated by Bin Laden’s al Qaeda organization in 2001.

The Taliban have made startling advances since Joe Biden’s decision to remove US forces from Afghanistan in April, seizing the capital of Kabul this past weekend.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban currently have 38 million people under their rule.


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