Are you going to lose your free bus pass if there is a major change?


Are you going to lose your free bus pass as a result of a major change?

All those over the age of the state pension are eligible for free bus passes.

However, some people turning 66 in the coming years may suffer as a result of government changes.

A new law in England will eliminate free bus travel for millions of people.

A move by the government to raise the state pension age will result in a large number of would-be retirees losing access to free bus travel, which Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been urged to reverse.

In England, the state pension age is currently 66, at which point people can apply for free bus passes from some bus companies.

However, many people will miss out on a free bus pass for another year due to an upcoming change in the eligibility age.

It comes at a time when much of the UK is experiencing a cost-of-living crisis, with energy bills skyrocketing and workers facing tax increases starting in April 2022.

It has also been suggested that millions of people could lose their free NHS prescriptions as of April 1.

Anyone who currently has a free bus pass will not lose it; the change is only for new seniors as the state pension age increases.

The current state pension age is 66, but the government intends to increase it to 67 in 2028.

Because your eligibility for a free bus pass is determined by your age and the year you were born, you can apply for one in the year you are due your first payments.

You can use this GOVUK checker to find out what your state pension age is: Check your State Pension Age.

From the age of 60, people in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland can travel for free on local bus services.

According to campaigners, the rules on free bus passes are already unfair, and something needs to be done to ensure that retirees in all four countries are treated equally.

While bus passes may be phased out for some, there are other public transportation discounts available to those of a certain age.

The Senior Railcard is an annual savings card that can be purchased for a one-time fee each year and can save you a lot of money on most rail fares in the UK.

A senior railcard costs £30 per year and saves you a third on train fares.

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