‘Are they insane?’ Jeremy Clarkson exclaims, referring to the new driving laws.


‘Are they insane?’ Jeremy Clarkson exclaims, referring to the new driving laws.

JEREMY CLARKSON has spoken out against new government regulations that state that, starting in 2022, drivers will be unable to even “touch” their phones while driving.

In a series of witty rants, the presenter and TV host has spoken out against this and other social and political issues.

Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has delivered a sarcastic rant about a new government road rule that prohibits drivers from physically touching their phones while driving.

Insulate Britain and EU border crossings were also discussed by the former Top Gear star.

Are the legislators deranged?

Jeremy Clarkson is a British racing driver.

Jeremy was enraged by the new laws, which state that from 2022, drivers who scroll or tap their phones while driving could face fines of up to £200.

According to the Department of Transportation, these laws are being strengthened to make it easier to prosecute drivers who use their phones while driving.

They confirmed that as long as sat-navs are secured in a cradle, they are exempt from the laws.

“Seriously? If your random playlist decides to fill the car with Arctic Monkey noises and you really aren’t in the mood, you are no longer allowed to swipe the screen to stop it,” the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? star said.

“Are the people who write these laws insane? Because almost everyone is capable of doing two things at once.”

He added a few jokes to his article for The Sun, saying that if men can read newspapers on the toilet and women can “have sex while thinking about Brad Pitt,” why can’t we “change a music track in a traffic jam?”

He also jokes that we might be told to pull over at some point before we can turn up the heat in the car.

In addition, the new laws state that instead of fines, drivers may receive up to six points.

Drivers will still be able to use their phones to pay for takeout at fast-food drive-thrus, according to the new laws.

Due to a High Court ruling in 2019, UK drivers have been able to avoid fines and penalties because they only commit an offense if they use a.

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