‘Are they going to kill me?’ Chris Packham is concerned about ‘what comes next’ following an arson attack.


‘Are they going to kill me?’ Chris Packham is concerned about ‘what comes next’ following an arson attack.

After being the victim of an arson attack, CHRIS PACKHAM has expressed his worries.

After a terrible arson attempt at his home, Chris Packham, 60, is concerned about what will happen next. In a Twitter video documenting the attack, the popular wildlife presenter expressed his fears.

Masked guys left a Range Rover outside Chris’ house on Friday morning, according to Springwatch host Chris.

In a risky act, they set it on fire, forcing the presenter to contact the fire department.

Chris has now revealed how he plans to continue campaigning in the wake of the events.

He stated in a video released to Twitter that he may have been targeted by trolls who disagreed with his anti-hunting stance.

People had previously placed dead animals at his home, he added, so this wasn’t the first time he’d been targeted.

Chris also stated that he was worried about what would happen next.

“Now it’s escalated as they’ve turned to damage the property,” he told his 491,000 followers.

“And I’m curious as to where it’s headed. “What happens next?” I mean. Do they set fire to the house? Is my stepdaughter being beaten up?“ Do they cut my partner’s car’s brake lines? “Do they come straight for me?” “Are they going to kill me at some point?” I think it’s a reasonable question.” “Harassment, persistent harassment, intimidation, and now arson,” he said accompanying his video in a tweet.

“And then what…?” I’m not going to be intimidated, and I’m not going to give in, but may I beg for your assistance?” Please sign if you are a member of the @nationaltrust to put an end to hunting right now.” The wildlife presenter spoke out about the incident to the Mirror yesterday.

“I’d gone to bed and completely wiped out, totally crashed out, zonked,” he explained.

“The gate isn’t visible from the bedroom, but when it exploded, it exploded with a huge sound, waking myself and the dogs up.”

“It was a raging fire.”

“The fire department was summoned by the neighbors, and they arrived and put it out.”

“The cops arrived a little later.”


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