Are the sisters of Princess Diana at fault for her failed marriage to Prince Charles?


Although the divorce of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was due to several reasons, Diana’s sisters are partly responsible for their doomed marriage.

Although during their troubled marriage, Diana’s siblings were extremely supportive of her, they helped persuade the Princess of Wales to go to Prince Charles along with her wedding.

Princess Diana wanted her wedding to Prince Charles to be called off.

Although there are many reasons why Diana decided to call Charles off her commitment, the main reason took the form of a living, breathing person. Camilla Parker Bowles is called as the person in question. She overheard him speak to Camilla on the phone just days before she became engaged to the Prince of Wales, saying, “Whatever happens, I will always love you.”

The moment Princess Diana lost all hope that she could save her marriage to Prince Charles

Diana was rightfully saddened by this, but it was nothing compared to the costly bracelet he acquired only for Camilla.

Charles gave his mistress a bracelet etched with their nicknames, to Diana’s dismay (Gladys and Fred).

In another incident, when the phone started to ring, Diana was with Charles in his studio. It was Camilla’s call.

Waiting to see if he would dare to pick up the call, Diana stood expectantly.

He did, to her horror.

“terrible”terrible”I was in his study talking to him when the phone rang. It was Camilla. I thought, ‘Should I be nice, or should I just sit here?’ So I thought I’d be nice and just leave her sitting there. It just broke my heart.”When the phone rang, I was talking to him in his study. It was Camilla. I thought,’ Should I be nice, or should I just sit here?’ So I thought I’d be nice and just leave her sitting there. It just broke my heart.

The sisters of Princess Diana persuaded her to go ahead with her marriage to Prince Charles

Did Princess Diana’s sisters have Prince Charles’ “friend”?

Diana trusted her sisters, telling them that she didn’t want to go through with the wedding. She wanted to be married to someone who, not someone else, loved her.

Her sisters, however, encouraged her to do so, according to Diana, claiming it was “too late to chicken out.”

“I can’t marry him,” she said to her sisters. “This I can’t do.

This is simply amazing.

“Well, tough luck, Duch,” according to Diana’s tell-all book, her sisters said. “Your face is on the tea towels, so you can’t pinch anymore.”

Inside the royal family, Princess Diana felt like a complete outsider.

Diana was shocked by how cold all of the royal family had been to her.

And she felt like a “outsider” and a “embarrassment” within the family unit, according to the princess. In her biography, she also reveals that she was considered a “problem” to those around her because she was unable to adjust to the royal lifestyle.

“In her book, she reveals, “I was ‘a issue,’ and they recorded Diana as ‘a problem.” She’s different. She’s doing all the stuff we’ve never done.’ And why? Poor Charles is having such a hard time.'” And Diana always felt like an unhappy princess trapped in a tower as she should be thankful for her role.

“One minute I was a nobody, and the next minute I was Princess of Wales, mother, media plaything, member of this family, you name it,” she said. “It was too much for one person at a time.”


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