Are Morag and Bob dating on Married At First Sight UK?


MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT UK stars Morag Crichton and Bob Voysey were part of different couples on the show, are they now dating?

Morag became one of the standout stars of Married At First Sight UK when she made it clear she was struggling to fall for her husband, Luke Dawson. Whilst the pair were trying to make things work, Bob was also seeing if things could go the distance with his wife, Megan Wolfe, on the Channel 4 reality show but he ended up leaving the experiment when their relationship didn’t pan out. It has been several months since filming ended and each couple has gone on to enjoy their lives away from the camera. Here is everything you need to know about whether Morag and Bob are dating.

The pair are not complete strangers as they did interact with one another on the show during the dinner parties and commitment ceremonies.

There was never any indication on the programme there was a romance blossoming between them as Bob left the social experiment early when he discovered his wife had cheated on him.

This moment of passion happened because Megan said she felt more of an “emotional connection” with Jordon Mundell.

However, it was Luke who helped Bob come to his decision when he gave his co-star some “tough love” about his situation.

With Luke’s own romance not working out with Morag, it appears some of the cast have been enjoying some time together away from the camera but the blushing bride is not dating Bob.

Rumours began to spiral about the pair dating when a picture was posted on social media of them at a garden party with couple Tayah Victoria and Adam Aveling.

Taking to the Story feature on the social media platform Instagram, Bob denied they were in a relationship and explained the pair were “just good friends.”

It is not unusual for contestants on the show to move on with another member of the cast if they have developed a connection.

In this case, no relationship has emerged between Morag and Bob although this doesn’t mean their ex-partners haven’t moved on.

We’re just good friends

Bob Voysey

Since filming ended on the latest season of the social experiment, Luke has begun speaking to his co-star Marilyse Corrigan.

The pair are not dating but Marilyse recently revealed. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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