Apple TV’s ‘Foundation’ has been extended for a second season, with show creators hailing the decision as ‘wonderful.’


Starring Jared Harris and Lee Pace in key roles, ‘Foundation’ earned a healthy 71% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Two weeks into its premiere, Apple TV+ gave a jolt to the audience by renewing ‘Foundation’ for a second season. The sci-fi saga based on Isaac Asimov’s trilogy of the same name follows the journey of The Foundation, a group of exiles who discover that the only way to save the Galactic Empire from imminent destruction is to rebel against it. The announcement of the show’s renewal comes as Episode 4: ‘Barbarians at the Gate’ drops.

Starring Jared Harris and Lee Pace in key roles, ‘Foundation’ earned a healthy 71% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes with the audiences rating it at 60%. Showrunner David S Goyer and the cast earned immense praise for bringing Asimov’s imagination to life. The series also stars Lou Llobell and Leah Harvey as it sees four individuals overcome political issues dwindling and volatile loyalties, and relationships that will ultimately determine the outcome of humanity.

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Twitter was thrilled to bits with the announcement. “Excellent. The first season is utterly gripping so far >> Foundation is getting a second season on Apple TV Plus,” read one of the tweets. This was echoed by fans who said: “Foundation, the Apple TV+ series, is already renewed for a second season. This show is moving art seriously.”

“The one thing you can’t take away from the Foundation tv-series is it looks stunning. Although I suppose not seeing much buzz over it as it’s hidden away on Apple TV+ – mind you Ted Lasso broke out to a wider awareness,” one of the fans remarked. Some felt the complicated plot was a tad difficult to comprehend. “I’m not even sure I’ll watch episode 4 so much this show is a disappointment, and apple is planning a second season lmao,” a comment read.

“Episode 1: Wow this really promising, they’ve really pretty faithful to the books Episode 2: Oh so THIS is how they’re going to stretch this into 8 seasons,” a fan remarked. “Sweet! Read the books as a teenager and I have always wanted to see this series converted into a show or movie. Very happy so far! @AppleTV @Apple,” a gan tweeted.


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