Apex Legends: Dark Depths has a new Arenas map and challenges as a result of a surprise event.


Apex Legends: Dark Depths has a new Arenas map and challenges as a result of a surprise event.

The Apex Legends Dark Depths update will be released on January 11, and it will be RESPAWN’s next event.

Gamers have less than a week to prepare for the next big Apex Legends event, which will take place on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in less than a week.

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that the Dark Depths will launch next week, allowing players to unlock new skins and explore Habitat, a new Arenas map.

Arenas is a game mode that was added last year and is a permanent mode for those who haven’t played Apex Legends in a while.

This means that the mode itself is never removed from the game, even when limited-time events occur.

Arenas reduces the number of squads from 20 to just two, resulting in a 3v3 combat setup in which teams face off against the enemy without any other squads joining in for multiple rounds.

Another significant difference is that you will use materials earned during the previous round to obtain and upgrade weapons, as well as ordnance and healing supplies, before each round begins.

The Dark Depths will also be adding the next map to fight on, introducing the tiny island of Storm Point to the game, for fans of the new mode.

“Storm Point is just one of many islands in the New Antillia archipelago,” Respawn writes in a message to fans.

“Habitat 4 is one of the chain’s smallest islands, and it’s best known for being a Leviathan breeding ground.

Early IMC research teams were surprised to discover that the island attracted a large population of local Leviathans, and Habitat 4 was designated as an ethology base for studying the creatures’ behavior.

It’s been more than a century, and while the IMC is no longer here, the gentle giants they studied are still here.

“Habitat 4 was inspired by Leviathans and how fighting in their breeding grounds would feel.

It represents our vision of a natural-looking arena that adheres to the tentpoles of arena design.

A large waterfall is one of Habitat 4’s key features.

It has eroded the landscape over time, forming trenches and terraces of varying elevations.

Making this island a haven for fast getaways and slides.”

The new Apex Legends event was a pleasant surprise.

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