‘Anyone else spotted?’ Ridley Road visitors identify apparent flaws with the set.


‘Anyone else spotted?’ Ridley Road visitors identify apparent flaws with the set.

Viewers of the new BBC program RIDLEY ROAD discovered various discrepancies in the set. Many people took to social media to point out that parts of the show were clearly shot in Liverpool and Manchester rather than London.

The drama is set in the 1960s and tells the story of Vivien Epstein (played by Agnes O’Casey), a young Jewish hairdresser who relocated from Manchester to London during a terrifying rise in fascism in the East End. The BBC historical drama was well-received by viewers, although many pointed out a few major flaws.

Jay made the following statement on Twitter: “Woman, she’s not in London! She’s claiming to be Trafalgar Square on the M62 in Liverpool! #RidleyRoad.” “Did I just see a yellow line in #ridleyroad?” Razz70 wondered. “I’m curious if this was genuinely shot in London. It appears to be Rusholme #RidleyRoad “Lyndyloo wrote it.

Edward Vanderpump had this to say about it: “In #RidleyRoad, a BBC drama set in London, there is little or no London brick on display. Was it shot in Salford?” “Anyone else notice Liverpool and Manchester in this new BBC drama that aired tonight? Ridley Road #ridley “roberto penned a letter.

While the show was on, some people noticed a peculiar feature with the screen “What is the significance of the cinema-screen ratio? #RidleyRoad is a TV drama.” Rob Driscoll added his two cents.

This was mirrored by Ariadne Butterfly, who wrote: “These scene setting montages with different aspect ratios are quite unnerving #RidleyRoad.””

#ridleyroad, *mutters about aspect ratio* “Joseph made a remark.

In actuality, the period drama was shot in Manchester in 2020.

The majority of the film was shot in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, including Tib Street, as well as Piccadilly and Ancoats.

With store signs and decorations, the streets were altered to match London’s swinging 60s era.

Ridley Road is a four-part series based on Jo Bloom’s novel that analyzes the emergence of fascism in 1960s Britain and the heroic people who valiantly stood up to it.

Ridley Road is a market street in Hackney’s Dalston neighborhood.

The story is based on true events, and viewers gain insight into how the anti-fascist movement risked their lives to try to stop the emergence of neo-Nazi organisations through Vivien.

After her partner, who is a member of an anti-fascist group, goes missing, Vivien risks her life to support the cause.

Vivien and her narrative are fictional, despite the fact that the backdrop story is factual.

“Brinkwire Summary News” was the name of the organization Vivien joins, Group 62.


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