Ant and Dec ‘hid under the desk’ as players risked everything on Limitless Win.


Ant and Dec ‘hid under desk’ as players risked everything on Limitless Win.

ANT AND DEC have revealed that filming their new quiz show Limitless Win was so nerve-wracking that they were forced to hide under their desk.

On Saturday night, ITV will premiere Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win.

The quiz is the first new show in over a decade for the presenting duo.

Contestants attempt to win life-changing sums of money by climbing a never-ending money ladder by answering numerically themed questions.

Players could lose everything if they answer too many questions incorrectly.

Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly admitted in a recent interview that the quiz show has some “dramatic” moments that make them nervous.

In an interview with This website and other media, the hosts discussed their excitement for the new series.

Ant and Dec, on the other hand, admitted that they aren’t like other quiz hosts.

“Normally, hosts of quiz shows are quite cool and quite calm,” Ant observed.

Dec exclaimed, “We aren’t cool!”

“We’re not doing that,” Ant agreed.

We show our emotions and our expressions on our faces.”

Throughout the series, he admitted, viewers will see them shouting and “hiding under the desk.”

Ant teased that the show’s first episode, which airs on Saturday, will have some suspense.

“There’s a point in the first episode where the couple we have on kind of takes a chance, they risk a lot of money that they’d already banked,” he explained.

“We were on the verge of having kittens and nearly jumping off the set,” he joked.

Dec emphasized that their emotional reactions on the show are genuine because they never know the answers.

“We didn’t want to know the answers to any of the questions,” he explained.

“So,” the host explained, “we’re also playing along with the contestants.”

“You’re in it and you’re living the journey,” Dec continued.

Dec extolled the quiz show’s uniqueness, saying, “It’s a real roller coaster.”

“They can be at the bottom of the ladder with few lives and then get a question right, gain more lives, and climb back up the ladder.”

“Then we get an exact answer, and all of a sudden they’ve banked the entire sum.”

“So, every time they play on, they’re risking that.”

That’s how it is.

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