‘Answer a question correctly!’ University Challenge teams are targeted by Jeremy Paxman.


‘Answer a question correctly!’ University Challenge teams are targeted by Jeremy Paxman.

On Monday night’s edition of University Challenge, JEREMY PAXMAN yelled at the contestants.

In Monday night’s episode of University Challenge, Queen Mary College London faced Oxford Brookes. The teams competed on the show, with host Jeremy Paxman asking them questions about a variety of topics. The commentator, on the other hand, expressed his displeasure with both teams after they failed to correctly answer a starting question.

When the teams were tied at ten points apiece, they advanced to a photo round.

“Right, we’re going to take a picture around now,” Jeremy remarked as an image of an embroidery technique appeared on the screen.

“For your picture starting, you’ll see an embroidered stitch diagram. “If you can name the stitch, you get ten points,” he told the teams.

McGill, a student at Queen Mary College in London, was the first to buzz in and try to answer the question.

“Back stitch,” he said, but when Jeremy replied, “No,” he instantly realized he had given the wrong answer.

Lloyd Jones from Oxford Brookes buzzed in after a little delay and remarked, “Cross stitch.”

Jeremy declared, “No, that’s a blanket stitch or a button hole stitch.”

He went on to say how upset he was that neither team had gotten the correct answer.

“All right, we’ll take the photo bonuses in a minute or two,” he said, “but first, someone’s going to get a starting question correct.”

The audience, and it appears that watchers at home, laughed at Jeremy’s comment.

Many fans flocked to Twitter to respond to the host’s witty remark regarding the contestants’ performance.

“Someone’s going to have to get a question correctly,’ Sassy Jez #UniversityChallenge,” one spectator wrote.

Another commented, “Paxman is truly furious with these teams and he’s not even hiding it hahaha #UniversityChallenge.”

“Jeremy appears very disappointed with the teams’ expertise tonight #universitychallenge,” said a third.

Meanwhile, some spectators appeared to believe that Jeremy was being unfair to the players.

“Jeremy Paxman’s displeasure at every erroneous response on #UniversityChallenge has gone up a notch,” one person wrote.

Another said, “Paxman has such amazing attitude #UniversityChallenge.”

“Paxman sounds so unhappy when they get a question right!” a third added. #UniversityChallenge.”

Oxford Brookes had only 90 points at the end of the episode, whereas Queen Mary College London had 115 points.


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