Annette Day, Elvis’ British co-star, was discovered at the age of 17 on a London market booth.


Annette Day, Elvis’ British co-star, was discovered at the age of 17 on a London market booth.

Annette Day, who co-starred with Elvis Presley in Double Trouble, was just 17 years old when she was found on a London market stall and taken to Los Angeles to become the only British actress to work with The King.

Consider yourself a typical London adolescent working at your mother’s market stall in Portobello Market. A film producer notices you one day and contacts you weeks later to invite you to fly to Los Angeles to star in Elvis Presley’s upcoming film. Annette Day’s story seems like something out of a Hollywood film, but it’s true. She reflected on their time together decades later, saying, “I had a ball, it was fantastic fun.” She explained why she decided to leave Hollywood and return home because of The King’s mischievous antics and remarkable generosity.

When she was offered the character of a runaway heiress in 1967’s Double Trouble, Day, who had no prior acting experience, said, “You either take your chance or you don’t.” Yes, I’m going to do that,” I reasoned.

On her first day on set, she was obviously frightened, but she remembers how her seasoned co-star went out of her way to assist her.

“My gosh, what have I let myself in for here,” she continued, “but he had wonderful tolerance with me.” He patiently walked me through it. ‘It’s no problem, just take it easy,’ he added.

Despite the fact that some times were easier than others. “Elvis comes in and takes me up and rescues me,” she claimed of shooting a scene when he had been gassed unconscious. The only problem was that it was a four-poster bed, and I had smashed my skull against the wood. And he was quite anxious after that!”

Despite his growing dissatisfaction with his film career, Day praised Elvis Presley’s legendary sense of humour for keeping the mood on set light: “Elvis had a tremendous sense of humour, he was always playing games.”

“A couple of times, off-stage, when the light came on for me to come through the door onto the set, he would grasp my coat and make me unable to walk, and the crew would yell for me. I had a great time; it was a lot of fun.”

Elvis’ fabled generosity was also on display when a casual remark from Day inspired a magnificent gift.

Day recalled the “Brinkwire Summary News” in a 2017 interview.


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